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| by Carlos Hasbun

4G signal has been promised and yet never delivered to most of us. Either were too far from the base station that is pumping out the signal or were just too well insulated and the signal will not penetrate the walls.

What stops 4G signal - Top 5 reasons

1. The walls are insulated with Foil backed insulation exterior and interior as well as insulated glass in many new offices.

2. Thick stone walls in castles and many old buildings block the 4G signal

3. The distance from the mast means it does not reach your home which is over 6 miles away.

4. Very remote locations like mountains valleys where signal never will reach.

5. Multi storey building where planning for a repeater system was never done and the signal from the roads simple wont reach the floors above 20th.

The first 3 of these are easy to fix using a mobile booster the 4th is almost impossible and the 5th is mainly only permitted to be have a repeater system installed by the networks only.

How to improve 4G signal

In each case 4 and 5 we recommend a mobile signal survey from one of out qualified RF engineers. In the case of the top 3 reasons for why you don't have mobile signal, it is really really easy to fix. Purchased a 4G booster to suit you, nearly all ours do both voice and data so you can call and have high speed broadband. This means that you can but our 4G signal boosters, take deliver in 3 days. Take 15-20 mins to install and you will have perfect coverage of 4G indoors immediately. To make the right decision see out best selling UK 4G Boosters, we make it very simple to choose. You can see what networks they booster will work with, Voice, 3G and 4G.  Choose your best match and if you do need any technical help well we have a full team in the office and on the road to do calls outs if needed.

 4G signal can be improved by using the 3 easy steps from mobile repeater. Choose one to suit your network, Choose the best one to meet your budget, in 3 days once it has arrived you can install a 4G signal boosters in under 30 minutes and have excellent coverage immediately in the building.

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