Asda Mobile Phone Signal Booster

| by Carlos Hasbun

Asda Mobile Signal Booster Range 

ASDA Mobile is a mobile network operator based within the United Kingdom and operated by the ASDA brand. The ASDA brand use the EE network as their main carrier.  You can get a home mobile phone booster for all networks also

This range of ASDA Mobile Signal Boosters were designed to be used with the UK ASDA network and each of these Signal Boosters are able to fill houses/buildings with mobile signal both for Voice and 4G LTE networks. Also known as Repeaters, these Mobile Signal Boosters have proven to be exceptionally effective in supplying mobile coverage in almost any area and Mobile Repeater has been offering this for over 10 years! Mobile Repeater have also stayed on top of industry norms, meaning adapting to the semi-recent introduction of 3G and 4G technologies. 


ASDA Mobile Signal Boosters - What do you require?

There a varying factors that go into purchasing the correct Mobile Signal Booster for your needs. They type of ASDA Mobile Signal Booster that you require will be determined by the size of the building and the existing layout. Another factor to consider is the level of mobile signal that you receive already at the site, outside of the building. If you are currently receiving a weak/no signal you can reduce the expected coverage by about 15% for each bar less than full you get. However, do not worry if you have a weak signal, Mobile Repeater offers a wide range of devices that can help to obtain as much signal as possible and paired with repeaters efficient enough to bring the required signal indoors. 

How does a Mobile Repeater Signal Booster work?

ASDA 3G, 4G or voice Boosters come with everything you require to set your mobile signal booster working. The aerial of the signal booster will communicate with the ASDA (EE) base station and the ASDA Mobile Signal Booster then sends that ASDA (EE) Signal into your home/office/building of choice. These ASDA Signal Boosters also work as 4G boosters as well as voice. Another important factor regarding these boosters is that they do not require WiFi to be used, as this using WiFi for carrying mobile phone calls has been proven to be unstable in recent years. 

All of these ASDA Mobile Signal Boosters will give you excellent call quality to business colleagues and friends and the best part is that they are ultra-accessible and easy to install. 

ASDA is a reseller of EE, check out the entire EE range of Signal Boosters here.

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