Best Network Indoor Signal

| by Carlos Hasbun

Every basestation send out perfect signal and it gets weaker as it travels further and further from the tower. Then it reached the home or the office and needs to enter the building to give a good quality call. The problems with this is 2 fold

1st The higher the frequency the network transmits at the more it loses over distance. This is why the latest 4G is on 800MHz and not 2600Mhz. The 800MHz travels much further

The 800Mhz is the reason I would recommend the Tri band booster to anyone looking for a overall good coverage and quality signal booster for all mobile networks.

2nd The walls of the building will block signal. The greatest blocking is from old stone walls such as in old homes and castles. This is a total block to the signal. The best is the standard breeze block with cavity wall and old style insulation board. The most recent issue is the foil backed insulation, it reflects the signal so you only have the signal that comes through the windows to work with.

It is easy to overcome the poor signal indoors with a mobile repeater. Simple select the one you need, the essentials range covers one band, the premium range covers 2 bands and the enterprise booster ranges cover 3 or more bands. The best selling business repeater of 2017 is the business Premium Calls 3G and 4G Booster.

To get perfect signal back inside your home

1. Choose the booster that covers the frequencies you need - Voice only | 3G | 4G or a mix of all 3

2. Check and make sure there is signal outside, no outdoor signal and there is nothing to boost.

3. If your home is on multiple levels or is well spread out or has a lot of internal walls talk to a agent about adding some extra indoor aerials. Our team of experts on mobile boosters is here t help via Live chat, call or email.




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