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| by Carlos Hasbun
"I own a large stone cottage in Wales where there is no mobile signal in the house but there is in the garden on a decking platform up a steep hillside to the rear. I solved this issue in 2010 by installing a repeater purchased on Ebay with a white rectangular plastic aerial attached to cable which went through the thick (50cm) stone wall to the repeater (GSM900MHz).  The aerial was on an aluminium pole sited on the wooden decking to the rear of the cottage at about rooftop height. This set up worked fine but we found we were having to replace the repeater units fairly frequently and they only worked for a few networks. We therefore decided when the unit failed again to try a higher quality one which could receive more networks (important as this is a holiday cottage with people trying to use a variety of providers).

I purchased an MRE028 Mobile Repeater Brand set up complete with aerial and cable which I received last Friday (24th March) and was told by your staff would fit the bill. I attempted to install it yesterday (27th March) by replicating the set up from the old repeater. I rigged up the aerial on the aluminium pole and to test if it was working attached the cable to the unit which was placed in the rear doorway of the cottage. I was delighted to find that it worked and I was able to ring out successfully. I then routed the cable through the thick stone wall (as before) but was adjusting the GSM and DCS gain settings to get coverage. I moved the unit to different positions along the cottage stone back wall but the unit only showed solid bars around the rear doorway which is not a suitable location .

I was unable to try other positions for the unit as I had people coming in mid afternoon. I spoke to one of your colleagues who said I would need to show you photographs of the set up. I sent these and he came back advising to put 2 internal antennas as the stone walls 18cm think are blocking the signal

Now I have everything with perfect signal, the 2 antennas are in different parts of the house and more important EVERY NETWORK is working perfectly. So just to say thanks and well done and have the best mobile repeaters in the UK"

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