Boost The Signal Strength On Your iPhone/Android Phone

| by Mobile Repeater

Bad signal strength is nothing new to most of us. The main issues caused by poor signal strength include dropped calls, slow loading speeds, bad voice quality, and stuck email messages. Calling these things inconvenient is a gross understatement, as they can heavily impact productivity. If you’re feeling frustrated about the lack of signal strength on your iPhone or Android phone, the following tips are some ways you can work around it.

  • Remove Any Case, Cover, Or Hand Which May Be Blocking the Antenna: While the use of a cover or case with your phone gives it some protection, it also holds a chance of affecting signal strength. This holds even truer for cases that are thick and rugged. Make sure to take off the case, and also to hold the phone in such a way as that the antenna bands are not blocked in any way.
  • Remove Obstructions Between The Cell Tower And The Smartphone: To keep things simple, move closer to an open area or a window, keep away from objects or walls made out of concrete or metal, and keep your smartphone well away from electronic equipment, as well as from metal objects.
  • Conserve Battery Power: Your smartphone is likely to shut off some functions when the battery is running low. This is common, and it may be the reason why you are getting a weak signal. If that is the case, turn off non-essential features such as Bluetooth and WiFi, as well as all of the apps you are currently not using. This should leave your phone free to search for and grab a signal that gets you a strong connection with the network.
  • Check The Sim Card: There is a chance that the weak signal is a result of something wrong with your sim card. Check for damage or rust on the sim if you experience dropped connectivity all of a sudden. The signal strength you get at any given time is dependent on the sim card you are using, and the latter can get damaged no matter what precautions you take.
  • Switch To 2G Or 3G: Most areas these days have 4G connectivity, but in some of them the signal may be weak. If you are in an area with weak 4G connectivity, check that your phone is not pushing for 4G as the priority network. If you connect to 3G instead, you could see a rise in call quality and loading speeds.
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