Commercial Booster Installations

| by Carlos Hasbun

Commercial grade boosters 

These are generally made up of larger repeaters connected to a series of antennas and the antennas spread the signal. They are powerful and give excellent mobile phone coverage. They also are more difficult to install and we recommend a professional installation with a team of RF engineers who have the appropriate equipment. Incases where a self install is necessary we have these useful tips.
Uplink - This is the power of the signal booster, the gateway to the mobile networks. This is the most important item and must always be in balance with the networks base station. The lower the UL the better the installation will be. The UL will be higher for buildings far away from abase station but will be very low of buildings close to a base station.
For a mobile signal booster installation service we recommend contacting for a full quote or fill in the mobile phone signal survey contact form for commercial grade signal boosters for large buildings.
Install the outdoor antenna 
The outdoor antenna should point in general direction of the base stations
If there are base stations on site or very close within 500m you are too close and need to not point directly at the base station beside you, instead try and pick one up further away, remember the antenna can pick up signal from 5 miles away.
Connect to the repeater inside
Turn on and power up the repeater
Check you have all networks coming in at similar signal levels on the handsets (so all have 4-5 bars instead of one networks with 2 bars and another with 5 bars)
If not adjust the outdoor aerial till you have all the networks, remember one networks base station may me in front of you but the other may be to the east. The panel antennas pick up signal in 120 degrees so it has a wide range of signal to pick up. The outdoor domer/omni antenna will pick up in 360 degrees but has a lower range, it will only pick up signal up to 3 miles way and is usually used in cities as it has a low power output and works well with base stations close by.
Reduce the Uplink to the lowest levels. The UL is automatic on some units where it is not simple reduce to the lowest level. Walk to the antenna furthest away at this point make a phone call. If you and the other person can hear each other the system is working at that power level, if the calls is faint then you can increase the power in the uplink by 3dB. Continue this exercise till you have the call quality good but the UL as low as possible. The DL is less important but it covers the spread of the signal, the more powerful the down link the further the signal will spread. Simple ensure you cover as much as the building as possible using the appropriate downlink. The is mainly for commercial grade repeater installs, if the installation is being carried out by a team they will use the appropriate  frequency scanners and ensure all signal are at optimum levels, installation is possible but usually is part of a process of survey, design of system and quotation.
Full range of self install premium office boosters are always available for self install. These have automatic regulation and are easier install.
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