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The Delight Mobile Booster 

Mobile signal problems can be so frustrating! We recognise this and want to help you gain back your mobile signal connection with a Delight Mobile Phone Signal Booster. To provide you with the best signal connection possible, we have skillfully designed, tested, and certified our boosters; and over 10+ years Mobile Repeater UK has been the leading company in this industry for a reason. We see that there are opponents in this trade, but we truly believe that our products are the best on the market. We encourage you to browse our products and see which mobile 4G booster best suits your needs. 

Do you have any questions? 

Mobile Repeater UK enjoys hearing from our customers! Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail with any doubts or suggestions. Our customer attention team is always delighted to hear from you. We also offer a live chat system on our mobile booster site, where you can instantly get in contact with one of our trained staff members while you are on our website. This area of our team can assist you and guide you towards the best Delight Mobile Phone Signal Booster. So please, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, anywhere. 

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A little about Delight Mobile: 

Delight Mobile is a new telecommunications company that was founded in 2011, and operates in the UK, with headquarters in London, England. Delight Mobile is what’s called a “child network” or “subsidiary division” of UK’s EE Booster Network. What does that mean? In short, it means that Delight Mobile re-sells EE’s network space, kind of like renting a room in their big network hotel. Although Delight is a re-seller, naturally it can’t re-sell EE’s perks or packages. But what they can do is make it cheaper for the users and provide their own perks. In Delight’s case, they offer consumers an international pay-as-you-go service, allowing you to freely roam the world with their network’s coverage.   

On a different note, “child networks” are also likely to have some of the same issues that their main provider has, such as system traffic overloads and what we call “dead zones”. Since Delight re-sells EE Network, they logically have to go off of EE’s main central towers; so when EE signal doesn’t reach an area, Delight won’t reach it either. Other factors that can cause poor mobile signal are: geological structures such as hills, dips, and mountains; the local flora, such as highly forested areas, or personal landscaping; and the building materials used in the construction of your home or office.  Luckily, there is a solution to this; and it just so happens to be very effective and so easy to install that you can do it yourself! 

How to find the best Mobile Phone Signal Booster: 

Mobile Repeater UK enjoys making it as easy as possible for our customers, so we categorise our repeaters by 2 major factors: the total surface area that you would like to boost, and the frequencies that your Delight network runs on. We also boost your Delight signal on vehicles and boats! 

Although it may seem a little intimidating, this is all you need to know: 

1) Surface area: our Delight Mobile Booster kits begin to cover an area of 250sqm, which is ideal for a small office, home office, or modest home (for reference: tennis courts are 250sqm). After that, the surface area we cover escalates up to 5,000sqm; about the size of a warehouse, a hospital, a headquarter building or a very lofty home property (for reference: half a hectare or 2.47 acres). 
Delight Mobile Booster Custom made solutions

If the surface area you would like to cover is larger than 5,000sqm, we proudly offer you custom built mobile solutions, to boost your Delight signal in almost any space you need to. If you consider you might need a custom-made booster system, please contact us so we can get started and work with you to put an end to your signal problems as soon as possible. When you conclude that a custom-built booster is the best solution for you, our team will conduct an extensive survey of your area. Once the facts are all collected, they will design, build, and install your Delight Mobile Booster system. Once installation process is complete, a second and final survey will be led, to ensure full functionality and effectiveness; and most importantly to ensure you’re happy. We offer free technical support after the process of installation, so don’t hesitate to let us know if anything comes up. 

2) Frequencies: as mentioned above, Delight Mobile runs off the same cellular frequencies that EE emits. For their 3G, which includes calls, text and large amounts of data to be transferred, they operate on 2100MHz. For Delight Mobile’s 4G and 4G LTE services, which include calls, text, and much larger levels of data transfer, they run off the frequencies of 800/1800MHzOur repeater systems boost your 3G, 4G and 4G LTE services! You will see each Delight Mobile Booster’s frequency in their product description. 

Now, let’s say that you have Delight Mobile service, but work in an area where other mobile networks are used. We have developed boosters that can amplify not only Delight, but all UK networks, such as Three, Orange, Vodaphone, and all their child networks! These kinds of boosters are utmost favorable when you are looking to boost the signal in an office building, or family home, since everyone’s signal gets boosted. 

How does a Delight Mobile Booster work? 

Once your cell signal is sent out from the nearest central tower, your exterior antenna picks up these frequencies, (no matter if it is 1-2 bars). Then, these signals are sent through coaxial cables installed within your home or office to the internal repeater. After the signals are collected, they are amplified using our highly developed technology, and dispersed throughout the building using the internal antenna, as a wi fi modem would. (Note: your Delight Mobile Phone Signal Booster doesn’t require an internet connection to function). 

Here is a visual for reference: 

 Delight Mobile Booster visual


Now that you know practically all there is to know. Thank you very much for your time! 

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