Do 4G Signal Boosters Work?

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4G Signal Boosters

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With the widespread rollout of 4G across the UK, accessing the Internet on your mobile phone is now more enjoyable than ever. App downloads are quicker, video calls can be performed in crystal-clear clarity, and sending files to friends is a breeze. Of course, this all depends on having access to a first-rate mobile signal. 


But, as you no doubt already know, there can be times when your 4G data signal becomes almost impossible to use. This can occur both in the middle of towns and cities as well as in more remote parts of the UK. While all the major networks (EE, O2, Vodafone, and Three) provide excellent voice call and data coverage, you simply cannot guarantee the signal will be available all of the time. 


If your property of business premises suffers from bad mobile reception and you cannot access 4G data, a 4G signal booster is the ideal solution. Working on a similar principle to an amplifier, the system can drastically improve your ability to access the Internet and get things done. 


The system works as follows: an external antenna is placed outside of your property, such as on the side of your wall. This then collects the signal from a nearby base station. This signal is then filtered into an amplifier to boost the power. The signal is then sent to your indoor antenna and rebroadcast. The end result is superior voice call and 4G data connectivity. 


You can set up a 4G signal booster system in as little as 15 minutes. No major technical prowess is required to install a mobile repeater, and the system should function as intended immediately after setup. There are various types of signal boosters available, such as those aimed at residential use, to those offering coverage for larger commercial premises. 


But why do you encounter a poor 4G signal in the first place? The answer usually comes down to how successfully you can connect to a mobile base station signal. The further away from the source signal, the less able you are to gain the perfect reception. In remote areas of the UK, you tend to find less than adequate signal. And while things are improving, the fact is, there are times you will not be able to achieve 4G. As mentioned previously, this is equally the case in towns and cities where dense walls, large indoor layouts, and high-rise buildings can interfere with the signal. 


Prior to purchasing a 4G signal booster, there are a number of things you need to consider. The first is where you intend to install the booster. If you are intending to use the system for home use, an entry-level or more basic repeater will be most suited. These can cover areas around 250sqm to 500sqm. More powerful 4G signal boosters exist, however, and offer 1000sqm and above coverage. These are pitched at business use, such as for providing coverage in commercial office buildings. Having said that, most systems have the ability to be upgraded with additional amplifier boxes and indoor antennas, which is ideal for serving an increase in users. 


As a method for increasing 4G data signal, a 4G signal booster comes highly recommended for both home or business use. In today’s age where it seems nearly everyone is continually checking their smartphone, you really cannot afford to discount the importance of a solid, reliable 4G connection. This is particularly the case if you operate a service business, such as a cafe, bar or restaurant in a remote location. Your customers will thank you with their custom for providing excellent 4G data access. 

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