Do Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Work?

| by Carlos Hasbun

Do Mobile Signal Boosters Work?

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In recent years, mobile signal boosters have garnered plenty of attention as people look to solve their indoor phone signal problems. If you suffer from a bad indoor phone reception, there are a limited number of options you can pursue. These are as follows: either keep venturing outside to gain a signal, put up with poor quality reception, or invest in a mobile signal booster. The simple fact is: mobile phone boosters do work, and they work well. They are also affordable, easy to install, and work with any size of building, whether residential or commercial.

A typical mobile signal booster, otherwise known as a mobile repeater, functions very much like an amplifier and enhances you or the ability of your customers to receive quality voice and 4G/3G data signal. An outside antenna will pick up a signal from a nearby base station, then boost this inside an amplifier box prior to rebroadcasting indoors via an inside antenna. The devices function with all popular mobile networks. The end result is superior call quality and fast data connectivity.

Mobile Signal Coverage Problems 

If like many people you encounter a bad signal in your home, office or commercial building, there may be a number of different reasons for this. The most frequent reason is being a considerable distance from a nearby base station. If your premises are based in an isolated location, you probably need to venture outside to obtain the best signal. And while you may get some signal indoors, it is not uncommon to receive two-bar or even one-bar signal strength. In some extreme cases, you may have no signal strength inside your property.

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Another reason for poor quality mobile signal is high-density thick walling on your premises, which can limit or completely block a signal. The external environment can also be a factor. Hills, valleys, large buildings, and wooded areas can all impact on the quality of a signal. Therefore, mobile signal boosters can help significantly to take one-bar signal and transform this into five-bar.

Mobile signal boosters work well in a wide variety of premises, from small apartments and houses, to commercial environments, such as hotels, cafes, pubs, restaurants, office buildings, or even medical centres. Being highly flexible with the ability to scale-up on demand, a mobile phone signal booster kit is easy to install by anyone with basic DIY knowledge, and comes with full, easy to understand instructions. A typical kit will consist of four main components: an external antenna for installation outside the property, an amplifier box to supercharge the signal, a set of cables to connect the parts together, and an internal antenna to rebroadcast the signal indoors.

Choose The Right Mobile Phone Booster

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When seeking a mobile phone booster to enhance your indoor signal, you will need to consider the size and layout of the property. Entry-level mobile repeaters tend to cover areas of approximately 250 sqm, making them ideal for most apartment and house sizes. However, if you require coverage of a greater area, it is possible to obtain mobile repeaters that can cover 500 sqm, 1000 sqm, or above. Typically, these are used in commercial settings. In summary, mobile phone signal booster kits function well and are often the ideal solution to solve indoor signal problems. Mobile repeaters are available for all major networks across Ireland, and some are even compatible with multiple mobile networks. With easy installation, an affordable price tag and plenty of scope to expand the system to suit demand, they are a reliable and effective method to boost voice call and 4G/3G data connectivity.

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