EE 4G Boosters

| by Carlos Hasbun

EE 4G and voice once was t-mobile and orange, the combined networks was intended to cover all areas of the UK. Unfortunately for us the efforts have not resulted in the coverage of all of the UK.

The 1800MHz was the preferred frequency for the network up until 2017, now the network has decided to move towards the 800MHz frequency. The reason is simple the 800MHz frequency travels further across land once leaving the tower.

The main amplifiers for 4G remain the 1800MHz, it covers most areas in the Uk but for people wanting to cover all possibilities there is the premium range of dual and triple bands that will cover EE and also all the other major networks like Vodafone and o2.

The best 4G amplifiers will encompass 800Mhz and a default of 2100MHz so that all networks are covered for up to 5MB and this is a more wide range of frequency nationwide with the UK towns and cities.

Our best UK 4G EE boosters are available at the best prices and ready for delivery next day in some regions with 3 day free delivery as standard.


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