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4G Signal Booster

Our collection of boosters has been accurately designed to boost your Giffgaff signal. Since Giffgaff operates under the o2 network in the UK, we have many solutions for you. Not only do our Giffgaff signal boosters boost your Giffgaff mobile signal, but they also boost other UK networks for voice and 3G/ 4G LTE signals, making the products from our "Giffgaff Signal Booster" collection the ideal solution for families, offices, and enterprises.  

Here is a little information about Giffgaff: 

Giffgaff has been one of o2 Network’s resellers since they began in 2009. Being one of o2’s resellers means that they use o2 Network’s towers to transmit their mobile signal throughout the UK. Giffgaff naturally operates under the same network “frequency bands” as o2 Network and other resellers such as Lyca Mobile, Tesco, Sky, etc….  

Although they have won a few major awards, such as the “MVNO” and the “which?”, they still have some gaps in their coverage for voice and 4G connections. Mobile Repeater UK has meticulously planned and tested a mobile signal booster for every kind of signal problem. For over more than 9 years we have put together this collection of Giffgaff 4g signal boosters to better suit your complications when it comes to poor reception. 

How does a Giffgaff 4G signal booster work?

Mobile Repeater’s Giffgaff 4g signal boosters are composed of 4 modest parts: an exterior antenna (that receives and amplifies your Giffgaff signal from adjacent cell phone towers), 10 mts of coaxial cables, the indoor signal amplifier, and an indoor rebroadcasting antenna. So, the Giffgaff signal booster's antenna will interconnect with Giffgaffs’s central station and the Giffgaff amplifier then sends that signal directly into the home/office/enterprise in which the booster equipment is installed. These Giffgaff 4G signal boosters amplify voice, 3G and 4G LTE connection. They do not need a WiFi connection to function! 

Here is an illustrated example of how they work in your building:  

Giffgaff signal booster - visual inside of house

What is causing my poor mobile signal? 

There are numerous issues that cause poor mobile signal.  Most probably, the trigger of your poor Giffgaff signal is due to the assembly materials used in your building. Your cell signals are interrupted when passed through metal and other materials within the walls of your home or business; which is feasibly why you might gain one to three bars when you go outside. You can’t make all of your calls outside, and Mobile Repeater UK understands that. But, you can set up a Giffgaff 4G signal booster inside the structure, directing the signal you get outside towards the inside of your building by routing it to an antenna in the walls of your home or office. 

Apart from the building materials used in the construction of your building, o2 network (Giffgaff’s carrier) is regrettably known for their “black out” areas, also known as “dead zones”.  These areas usually have 1-2 bars of mobile signal, but due to previously mentioned factors, you may get 0 bars inside. When you are plagued with this kind of problem, the only definitive solution is installing a Giffgaff signal 4G booster, and that’s why we’re here to help! 

How to find the right Giffgaff 4G signal booster

To find the right solution for you, you must keep in mind that our different types of Giffgaff signal boosters (a.k.a. repeaters) are categorized by both the size of the building you are trying to cover and the frequency your network runs on. So, a good place to start is calculating the surface area you would like to cover, following up by learning a bit about your network’s “frequency band”. Our Giffgaff signal repeaters cover almost any surface area you’d need, starting at 250sqm, all the way up to 5000sqm. We also offer solutions for office buildings, mobile homes, even vehicles and boats!   

 Giffgaff runs on an 1800 MHz band for GSM voice calls, and 1800/2600 MHz band for 4G connection. You’ll see below that our Giffgaff signal boosters run on these exact frequencies, since giving you an easy and the perfect solution is always our target.  Due to their matching frequencies, these 4g repeaters also boost networks such as Orange, o2, Vodafone, and EE. For this we offer EE signal boosters, vodafone signal booster, 02 signal boosters and other mobile phone signal boosters.  

Some tips: 

The performance of phone signal boosters can be dramatically improved by selecting the correct outdoor antenna and aiming it in the right direction. Why? Because: 

  • A “directional donor antenna” allows you to focus in a precise direction, therefore improving the signal clarity. Both your coverage and the number of bars you have will improve. 
  • Donor antennas often have what is called an “internal gain” (which is measured in dBi). This internal gain will enhance the overall gain of your signal booster. If your outdoor signal is weak, an outdoor antenna with a high gain should most likely increase the system's downlink output power, increasing the area that is being covered indoors. 

Custom designed Giffgaff 4G signal boosters 

In the case of covering larger offices or large homes with your Giffgaff signal, Mobile Repeater UK recommends a custom built solution. All of our solutions are CE certified and have extensive surveys completed before and after installation to ensure they fulfill all the best practice guidelines for mobile repeater installations. These solutions are usually the best option when covering a multiple storey building, an area greater than 5000sqm, a residential complex, hospital, moving house, etc. Contact our mobile phone signal booster experts to get started right away! 

Contacting Mobile Repeater UK’s experts – Mobile Phone Signal Boosters 

Here at Mobile Repeater UK, our customer services love to hear from you. Whether it is a question, a problem report, or a testimonial, we offer you many methods to contact us! We have call lines where you can speak with a qualified professional, or you can send us an e-mail. If you would like a more instantaneous answer while on our website, we offer you a chat where you can speak with our team and inquire about buying the best Giffgaff 4G signal booster for you. These chats can also guide you in the right direction, if you are unsure which Giffgaff repeater is best for you. Also, we recommend asking about our 15 day money back guarantee! 

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