Technical Things to Check When Buying a Cell Phone Booster for Your House

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There is no one-size-fits-all cell signal repeater, so when you're choosing one, you need to have a clear understanding of what you need as well as the features offered by the equipment. Below are 3 technical things that you should keep an eye on when buying a cell phone booster for your house.

Downlink and Uplink Power

The downlink and uplink power of the cell signal booster will define the voice clarity when you make or receive a call. When the downlink power is good, you will be able to hear the speaker’s voice clearly, and when the uplink power is good, the other person will be able to hear your voice clearly. Therefore, you should make sure that the cell signal booster unit ensures a balance of good downlink and uplink power to give you the best results.

Gain Provided by the Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signals work like radio waves and are measured in decibels (dB). The most reliable signal strength means that you are receiving close to -50dB. Getting around -120dB means that the signal strength is very poor, and is even called the dead zone. Generally, a cell phone booster for a home can add anywhere between +10dB to +70dB gain to the available signal strength. However, more power brings a higher price. So choose the one that will suit your needs appropriately.

Coverage Area

This depends upon where you are planning to install the cell signal repeater. Check if your entire home has weak cellular reception or if you are facing issues in a particular room. If the latter is true, then you may want to install the cell phone signal booster unit in that specific room to enjoy better network coverage. There are many types of cell signal repeaters, which can offer coverage from 1 – 2 rooms to around 150,000 sq. ft. area. Therefore, you should make the choice carefully depending upon your needs.

Remember that a cell phone booster for your home will enhance the cellular reception in your house by capturing the available signal outside. Therefore, you should also buy a cell signal repeater that has a good quality outdoor antenna. This is especially true if the network coverage in your area is very weak. The quality and reach of the outdoor antenna will decide how well the amplifier unit can perform to give you the best output. You can use a signal meter to check the available signal strength before settling on a cell phone booster.

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