How To Boost Your Mobile Phone Coverage: Mobile Phone Signal Booster

| by Robert Byrne

Boosting Your Mobile Phone Coverage

Are you tired of having your calls drop or having to wait until you get the moment of decent signal to make an important call?  Are you also tired of never having strong mobile phone signal when you are at home or in the office? If you are, you need to look at the ways that you can boost your mobile phone coverage and signal.  When you do this, you will no longer have to head to the balcony to make a call or face a certain direction just to pick up some signal.

Getting A Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile Phone Signal Booster - MR UK

One of the options that you can choose to boost your mobile phone coverage and signal is a phone signal booster.  There are a number of reasons why you should look at getting one of these signal boosters. The first is that it will end the frustration that you feel when you are not able to use your mobile because you do not have strong enough signal.

The signal booster will also help you get 3G and 4G data service while you are at home.  Your battery will generally last longer when you use the booster as your mobile is not constantly looking for signal.  When you have this signal booster, you can also look at ditching your landline because you can get internet access and reliable calls on your mobile.  If your home has an online security system, you will also benefit from the booster as it provides an extra layer of security against hackers.

How Does A Mobile Repeater Work?

A mobile phone signal booster, also known as a repeater, will work in the same manner regardless of the brand that you get.  It will start with an outside antenna which is the first of 3 pieces that you need to have. This antenna will have a small aerial on a box which is used to pick up the mobile signal and is essential for any booster to work.  

Mobile Signal Booster - Mobile Repeater UK

It is important to note that the booster will not create the signal.  It will lock onto the mobile network signal which is found regardless of how weak it is.  The quality of the signal that it can pick up will be impacted by buildings, trees and hills.  If you have a very weak signal in your home or you are close to a dead zone, you need to have a very strong antenna.  

When looking at purchasing a signal booster, you will need to consider if you want one that is locked to a signal mobile network or one that picks up a range of networks.  For businesses, a booster with an omnidirectional antenna will be needed as it picks up a number of different masts. For personal use, a booster locked to your mobile network provider will be enough.  

Signal Amplifier

The next part piece of the system is the signal amplifier.  It is important to note that different networks will use different frequencies which allow this part of the system to act in the way that you want.  

Without looking too far into the technical aspects of the amplifier, most networks will use a frequency of 850MHz or 1900MHZ for 2G and 3G networks respectively.  You will be able to get many units which work on these levels. If you are looking for 4G or LTE, you will need to get a different kind of signal booster as it will need to identify and tap into the right frequency.

The Indoor Antenna

The last piece of the system will be the indoor antenna which is attached to the signal amplifier.  This antenna will then repeat the signal throughout your home or the building it is placed in. When looking at this antenna, you might want to look at getting a dome antenna instead of a panel one.

A panel antenna will broadcast the signal in one direction only. The dome antenna will send the signal in all directions and through multiple floors which is generally considered better.

How Do Vehicle Mobile Repeaters Work?

Poor signal is not limited to buildings and houses as it can easily happen when you are on the move as well.  Getting signal while you move can be a bit hit and miss when you do not have a vehicle signal booster. These boosters use the same 3-part system which means that they pick up outside signal, amplify it and then broadcast it.  

Most of the vehicle systems will come with an omnidirectional antenna for the outside antenna which will be placed outside of the car.  It is also possible to install this under the front seat and this is something that certain models will actually recommend. It is important that you read through the manual before you install the booster to ensure that you are setting it up in the best location.

Boosting More Than Just Calls

If you are regularly making important calls on your mobile, you will want to have a reliable signal.  However, you should consider what happens when you text or if you rely on your mobile data package to stay in touch with the rest of the world.  If you text and use mobile data, you need to have decent signal as well. If you do not, your texts will all queue and be sent only when you next have decent cover.  

For a lot of people, there is also a safety issue.  When you are not able to use your mobile, you will often feel isolated and alone.  This is not something that only rural mobile users feel as it can happen to urban dwellers as well.  Intermittent signal can be caused by poor weather, but when this situation lasts for weeks and months, you need to take some action.

Signal Booster - Mobile Repeater UK

There are times when changing your mobile provider will be enough to overcome the poor signal frustration that you have. However, there are times when this is not enough and you have to do more.  A signal booster will ensure that you get the decent signal that you need regardless of the network that you are using.

Getting a mobile phone signal booster is something that you should consider if you are plagued with poor signal regardless of the network you are on.  These products are a 3-piece setup which will find, boost and broadcast the signal of your chosen carrier to make your life a bit easier.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster - Mobile Repeater UK

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