ID Moblie 4G Signal Booster

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ID Mobile Phone Signal Booster 

With our ID Mobile booster collection, you will find the right mobile amplifier for you, as Mobile Repeater UK brings you a variety of certified repeaters, which are tested precisely to improve your ID Mobile network signal. Our products will boost your calls, 4G and 3G networks, depending on which booster you select.

Our ID Mobile booster collection is made up of an extensive selection of amps ideals for offices and homes, and the best of all (besides the price) is that all our devices are very easy to install since they come as a complete kit with two antennas (external and internal), coaxial cable, power bank and the booster, so you will be able to install the booster in less than 30 minutes without help from an expert or an engineer.

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ID Mobile 4G signal booster also increase signal of other UK 4G and 3G mobile signal, such as Globalgig, and that’s because they work under the same frequencies. If you can’t find the perfect product for you, please contact our engineers support team, they will help you to choose the right one. Please, don’t hesitate to contact our engineers.

The best cellular, 3G, and 4G connection is possible now thanks to Mobile Repeater UK!

ID Mobile uses the Three network to operate in the United Kingdom and Ireland as ID Mobile Limited and was launched on 2015. It has a 3G coverage that reaches 98% and 4G coverage over 91% is uses the next frequencies:

800MHz used for 4G
1800MHz used for 4G
2100 MHz used for 3G

    ID Mobile booster signal

    Right here! On Mobile Repeater UK’s website, we attempt to provide you as many options as possible in an easy way to make it possible for you to find the accurate signal repeater for you. Each one of our collections are made based on two main characteristics:

    First: The mainly quality of our boosters’ classification is the coverage área where you would like to enhace mobile signal, with amps that have a size range from 250sqm, until 5000sqm, if you need a booster for bigger areas we can offer you a specialized solution please contact us. We endorse you to become familiar with the dimensions of the place, in this way you will receive the best coverage imaginable.

    Second: -you have already choose ID Mobile as your network operator, but we also have boosters for Vodafone, O2, EE among others, you also need to check the frequency in which your network operator is working in order to choose the best product for you and finally you need to know that certain boosters bring you voice call improvement, while others offer 3G or 4G enhancements so please check all the boosters in our catalogue to guarantee a one package solution to all your signal problems.

    KNOWING the frequency of my NETWORK


    Have you ever been capable of taking calls but you can’t get online? This kind of situation success when the mobile signal that you are receptining is only for 900 mhz to 1800mhz and a higher range is not reaching your phone. Almost every voice call is made by using a GSM sgnal which in the UK work on 900 mhz and 1800mhz. That could be the reason why your voice calls are perfect while you need Wi-Fi connection to get internet.

    Our ID mobile boosters boost perfectly 900 mhz and 1800 mhz. These are frequency bands can reach long distances in an easy way thanks to their kind of wave, unlike higher frequencies whose signal is obstructed sometimes by mountains, trees or walls.

    ID Mobile booster 4g

    2600 MHZ

    In this frequency operates a 4G LTE band as we mentioned before this is a weaker signal, cause if the frequency is lower it will be easiest to reach long distances or quite the opposite, and this is a higher frequency, the 4G is the one that generally has more problems to get inside of buildings, a mobile signal booster will amplify and clarify this signal picking it up and rerouting it tp improve the abundance and speed of your internet coverage.

    Get the signal from outside and repeat it inside with ID Mobile Booster by Mobile Repeater UK.

     5 Main Causes of Poor Cell Phone Signals

    1. Overcrowded network operator towers: It usually happens when you are on a massive event as a concert or a festival cause thousands of mobiles are fighting for 4G or 3G signal, so you won’t have signal or it will be weak at best case
    2. Internal Clutter: The mobile signal struggles to get in some kind of indoors due to certain building materials as: concrete, thick walls, glass, insulating materials, metal and energy in general, these materials can stop or slow the cellphone coverage from coming in and since most of the mobile calls or internet searching are made indoors, most of the people will have this kind of issues that can be easily solved with devices as ID Mobile Booster
    3. Distance from your mobile to the cell phone tower: The farther away that you are from a network operator tower the dreaded one bars of signal cause the signal that reaches your device will be weaker.

    “I couldn´t hear you, could you repeat what you said?” No more conversations like this, with ID Mobile Booster by Mobile Repeater UK defeat the distance and enjoy your calls without worries.

    ID Mobile booster causes

    1. Low Battery: The lower is your battery the harder will be for it to catch mobile signal because it won’t have enough strength to do some important tasks, and on the opposite if the signal is weak the battery of your device will drain power quickest.
    2. Outside obstructions: The radio waves emmited by a cell tower cover long distances, however there are some external obstructions as trees, mountains, tall structures or even weather conditions (snow, wind, rain), that can disrupt them.


    ID Mobile Booster MR

    We know that there is a lot of competition in the booster’s market, we can’t talk for them, however what we surely can tell you is how effective and efficient are our own products, we are always commited with bringing quality products to you since 2007 when we started the company, as the time goes by we have stayed up to date with an extensive variety of products tested on Vodafone, O2, EE and Three Booster that is actually a parent network of ID Mobile which means that ID Mobile uses their infrastructure to work.

    We are always trying to make your experience the best.

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