How your Device Can Help to Improve Cell Phone Signal Reception

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We rely a lot on cell phones these days, which is why it gets very annoying when the signal is weak. Poor network reception can lead to slow browsing speeds and dropped calls, which can greatly affect our productivity. Fortunately, there are a few ways, in which you can ensure good signal reception in your device. Below are a few of the simplest tricks to improve cell phone signals.

Update your Phone Software

The notifications you get on your device to update your carrier software should not be ignored as a mere nuisance meant to consume data. These updates work with your device to connect to the network towers accurately. Besides, updating your phone software can also help to fix the problems in your device configuration that could be hindering signal strength. So it is recommended to update your device as soon as you are notified about it.

Turn Off the Services That you are Not Using

While services like NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are not considered to cause any disruptions when you are using the phone for a call or message, these services do consume the resources of the device and affect how it captures the available cell phone signal. Besides, they can use mobile data even when you are not using the application/service directly. This can affect the bandwidth that is required to make a call or send a text.

Change the Data and Voice Settings

Most of us want the best network reception available, which is why more and more users prefer connecting to the 4G LTE network. Yet with this move, the network becomes more congested and leads to slow response during peak times. Changing to the relatively slower 3G network can work way faster than during such times when the current 4G LTE network is overloaded.

Turn Airplane Mode On/Off

Switch on the Airplane Mode on your device and then turn it off after 10 seconds. Doing this will force your phone to reconnect with the available cell phone network. So if your device is not receiving the cellular signal properly despite being in an area where there is good coverage, turning the Airplane Mode on/off may work to get it connected to the network.

If nothing works, you may have to reset the network settings on your phone. However, this should be the last resort when all your options to get good signal reception fail. You can also buy a cell phone signal booster and see how it helps to improve the available network reception. If that does not work for your device, then a reset might be the only option.

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