Large Commercial Building Signal Booster

| by Carlos Hasbun

The 5 floors will have insulation between the offices on each floor so multiple antennas on each floor ensure over lap and calls hand over from one to another. Its a very easy network and the antennas connect back to to a signal splitter and in turn back to the main amplifier that send out the signals to all the antennas.

Each floor is separated by mass concrete, the signal will not penetrate this concrete so even if we have the most powerful amplifier in the middle signal will remain only on that floor. The solution is to use the riser in the middle and cable to each floor. This is relatively easy, you simple take the main output from the amplifier and divide the signal evenly, e.g over 5 floors you would use a splitter to send 20% of the signal t each floor via a cable. The cable is insulated low loss LMR400 cable that ensures the signal strength is not lost as it travels, nor can it be interfered with by electrical cable etc in the vicinity.

Once the power is sent to each floor then we need to set up a small DAS, distributional antenna system. This simple means deciding how many and where the antennas are needed to give signal around the floor, then using signal splitters to divide up the signal evenly so that each antenna receives a percentage of the signal.

The signal feed into the system comes from outside, this is simple a outdoor antenna located in an area with existing good signal and it is best if it has 360 degrees view all around so that the antenna can be pointed in any direction. It means when the system is installed the antenna is pointed in the correct direction to pick up the network you need.

Programming, this varies by system there is the manual system programmed by the engineers or the automated gain control to regulate the amplifier to give the appropriate power for your building.

Design, this is done by our engineers with your plans, they will take into account the number of internal walls and general materials in the walls, supporting walls tend to block signal more then partition walls, steel walls block it fully and they take all this into account. The design will be easy to work with and cable runs indicated.

The end result of a commercial repeater will be a clear and full signal throughout your building. 

Commercial Repeater Engineers

The team of engineers for commercial repeaters can do the complete design and install or if required self installs without help is an option. For building in large cities we recommend using our team of engineers to install or to do systems check after to ensure its compliant and working to maximum efficiency.

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