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Lebara 4G Signal Booster 

We comprehend the hardships that come with poor Lebara cell signal. Mobile Repeater UK wants to end your mobile phone signal problems now! Over 10+ years Mobile Repeater UK has designed the perfect Lebara signal booster that ends your poor mobile signal problems once and for all. We understand that there is competition in our market, but we believe in the superiority of our products. We have tested and certified many solutions for you, and will only give you the best, like you deserve. 

All of our signal solutions are CE certified and comply with all of the latest updates in the telco industry. Our Lebara 4G signal booster picks up and amplifies Vodafone, EE network, Three, o2, Tesco, Orange, or all of the above; mobile phone signal booster allow you to have a solution to all network’s problems. 

We have proudly developed many different options for you to choose from, that cover your home, home office, moving home, warehouse, office building, even vehicles and boats! 

A bit about Lebara Mobile UK: 

Lebara Mobile is a telecom based all over the UK and Australia. The offer free SIM packets, and “pay as you go” methods. They appeal mostly to international callers, and people that come from other countries, as they can communicate with their family and friends that are over-seas. 

Lebara Mobile does have a wide range when it comes to countries they cover, but even while their connections are international, their cell signal can be poorThey have what are called “dead zones” (many networks do), which means that their cell towers’ signal doesn’t reach certain rural, or densely forested areas. This is normal for many telecommunication companies. We have analyzed this kind of problem, and have come up with the perfect solution for youT 


Contact us anytime, anywhere! 

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Mobile Repeater UK would love to hear from you! You can call our customer attention lines or send us an email. For additional help while browsing our online store, we offer you a live chat option (at the bottom right of your screen) where you can instantly contact one of our team’s trained professionals whom will answer any questions regarding our products and services, or simply guide you towards the best Lebara signal booster for you. 

Where to begin your search: 

Mobile Repeater United Kingdom’s cell signal boosters are characterized by two factors: The area you would like to cover and the network you are looking to boost’s frequency. So, we suggest keeping in mind the total space area, and familiarizing yourself with your Lebara frequency. This is what you need to know: 

Surface area: 

Mobile Repeater UK can cover pretty much any surface area you need to boost. The mobile phone signal boosters you will see here star to cover from an area of 250sqm and work their way up to 5,000sqm (you will see the specific coverage measurements in the product’s description). Our Lebara 4G signal boosters are so easy to install, that you can do it on your own! With the purchase of any Lebara 4G signal booster, we offer you a detailed installment manual in different presentations, so you can install your equipment correctly. We also offer free technical support with the purchase of all of our Lebara signal boosters, and our mobile phone signal boosters which include ee signal booster, vodafone signal booster, o2 signal boster, three signal boosters etc.  

 If your building’s measurements are greater than 5,000sqm we would be happy to design a CE certified “custom built solution” just for you. For a customized solution, contact us and we will begin to work with you to resolve your signal issues, and get your cell signal back up in no time. A team of trained professionals will go through an extensive survey of the area before designing and installing your custom built Lebara 4G signal booster solution. Then, they will give you a couple of options to perfectly suit your building, network, etc. Your solution will be designed, built and installed (also certified). After the installment process, they will re-survey your Lebara kit and building to make sure everything is going well and most important to make sure that you are happy and your cellular signal is up and going. We offer free technical support after installment, so you can contact us and relieve any doubts or troubles. 

Also, note that we additionally cover vehicles and boats! So, please browse our Vehicles and Boats tab if you are looking for that type of solution. 

Lebara UK’s frequencies: 

Lebara is one of The United Kingdom’s Vodafone Network re-sellers, so l logically they operate on the same frequencies. This allows Lebara Mobile to transmit signals from Vodafones’s  network towers. 

Lebara Mobile uses 1800/2100 mHz for their 3G (includes: calls, text, and broadband) connection. For their 4G connection, they operate on 2600 mHz, allowing a fast broadband to labor, improving the speed in which data is transmitted from one end to the other. 

Mobile Repeater AU has designed CE certified Lebara signal boosters that have the ability and agility to operate on 1 or more of those frequencies, boosting not only your voice calls, but also boosting 3G and 4G speed and connection intelligibility. 

Also, since Lebara resells Vodafone’s network, you can pick a booster that amplifies one, two, or multiple mobile phone networks at once. An “all UK network” booster would be the ideal solution to choose if you are looking to boost the connection in an office building, or simply in a family home, since there will be a final solution for everyone! 

How do we boost your Lebara signal? 

Our Lebara signal amplifiers are simple and easy to install, and come in 4 simple parts. They work like this: 

First of all, the cell signal is transmitted from a nearby Vodafone signal tower. When the cell-signal is transmitted from the nearest Vodafone tower, your exterior antenna picks up these signals (does not matter if there are 0-2 bars of mobile signal where you are) and sends them through the coaxial cables that are installed within your building’s walls. The internal signal repeater then picks up these cellular frequencies, and sends them throughout your building like a wi fi modem would (please note that Mobile Repeater UK’s Lebara 4G signal boosters do not need a wi fi connection to function). The best part is that not only do these signal repeaters pick up and disperse the frequencies throughout your desired space, but they also boost them and make them stronger, clearer mobile connections. So, if you have 1-2 bars outside, and you install a Lebara 4G signal booster, you will get up to 3 bars more of Lebara signal within your home, home office, office building, moving home, warehouse, etc. 

Here is a visual for reference: 

 Lebara signal booster VISUAL UK


Now that you are practically an expert when it comes to Lebara 4g signal boosters, take a look at our products, and choose the best option for you! Thank you for your time! Don’t hesitate to contact us any time. We would love to hear from you! 


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