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| by Carlos Hasbun

How to know your mobile repeater is legal.

Legal Signal Boosters are supplied by mobile repeater. We have been selling UK mobile compliant boosters since 2007 and have improved on the best selling range of boosters every year since.

All repeaters tested and conform to Health and safety regulations, CE certified and to Electromagnetic regulations. The Ofcom regulator has very explicitly said they will not remove any repeater not causing interference but will continue to remove any ones that are causing interference. Please avoid purchasing off other sites that claim to have the repeater but cant supply the original certifications. For larger installations the biggest concern is the actual installation, these we recommend using one of our official trained RF engineers to install, it would mean a survey to establish whats required and costs. This survey of the building is fully refundable. 

The larger the amplifier the more programming is required and a RF signal scanner and full report after completion is given to ensure there is no undue interference and hence it complies to Ofcom regulations and guidelines.

The smaller repeaters have in built interference protection and automatically adjust the power of the repeater to remain within the guidelines and will ensure the repeater is a legal signal booster.

Copies of all the certification is available form any of the. customer care team and a sample attached below for units tested in 2016 and conformed compliant and Legal in UK by meeting the International guidelines to sell.


Legal mobile repeater UK


Legal UK signal booster


ofcom approved signal booster






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