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Mobile Booster 

Mobile Repeater UK - Mobile Booster

One thing that invariably causes frustration for many people is a poor mobile signal. While the UK has decent coverage across much of the country, rural areas occasionally suffer from inadequate reception. Having said that, there are times when even in towns or cities, you will encounter signal issues. If your property or business suffers from a bad reception, a mobile booster is an affordable and effective way to supercharge the signal. 


A mobile booster works to amplify the available signal, then boost this into the property, vastly improving the ability of you or your customers to enjoy voice calls and 3G/4G data connections. An antenna is placed on the outside of the property, enhancing your ability to pick-up a signal from the nearest mobile tower. This signal is then enhanced and rebroadcast indoors, considerably enhancing the signal. Signal boosters, also known as signal repeaters, are compatible with all the major UK mobile networks, such as Vodafone, EE, O2, BT, and Three. 


As one of the UK’s largest mobile networks, Vodafone provides coverage across all of the UK, including reliable coverage on many of the islands, such as the Outer Hebrides, Orkney, and Shetland Islands. However, there are some areas where the signal is poor, especially in more remote areas of Wales, the Pennines, Scottish Highlands, and various national parks. In this case, a Vodafone signal booster is an easy-to-install and effective system to solve most common signal complaints. 


There are a number of reasons why a mobile signal can become compromised. The most common reason is distance from the nearest mobile phone tower. Local factors can also limit the signal, such as tree cover, weather conditions, and other radio-based interference. In cities, there is usually an abundance of nearby towers, providing excellent voice and data connectivity. 


Despite this, thick walls or other property limitations can prevent the signal from being received as intended. In this case, a mobile booster is the ideal solution to improve reception. In rural locations with few mobile towers, you may find you are too far away to gain the best signal possible, or the natural landscape may play its part in limiting the signal. 


Mobile boosters are available for both the home or office/commercial use. The product you select will largely depend on the size of property, how many people you intend on using the booster, and a number of other factors, such as the distance from the mobile tower and the number of rooms within the property. 


In addition to almost guaranteed signal boosting, mobile boosters have a super easy setup process. Usually, a set will consist of 4 components: an external antenna, cables, an amplifier box, and an internal antenna. While one antenna will usually suffice for smaller properties, houses and flats, you may require additional antennas for larger properties, or locations with multiple rooms. 


If you run a business and currently cannot offer your customers reliable mobile phone signal, a mobile booster, such as a Vodafone signal booster can provide you with a competitive advantage over nearby rivals. Likewise, if your home has patchy signal, your family members will no doubt become increasingly frustrated with their inability to take calls, send text messages, and access social media. As such, a mobile signal booster is an affordable and reliable method to increase a mobile signal. The vast majority of mobile boosters come with the ability to scale up the system, so in future, if you wish to extend the power of your signal, you can easily add additional indoor antennas, a higher capacity amplifier box, or a long-range external antenna, which may be required in cases where you are based a number of miles from the nearest transmitter. 

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