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Mobile Phone Signal Booster 

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When you are looking to take a mobile phone call, a weak or no-bar signal can be highly irritating. Despite the major UK mobile networks investing heavily in signal quality, the location and the environment can severely limit mobile reception. The fact is, many people often select a venue based on the strength of mobile signal.  


Consider the number of times you have avoided a particular place because you needed to take calls or access fast 4G data. Your answer is likely to be ‘on many occasions’. One of the best ways you can improve a signal either in your home or workplace is by purchasing a mobile phone booster kit. 

Mobile Phone Signal Booster

A mobile phone booster, also known in the industry as a mobile repeater, can improve the strength of a signal within minutes. The system functions very much like an amplifier, collecting a signal from the nearest mobile tower or ‘base station’, then rebroadcasting this at a greater strength indoors. Once installed, the outcome is normally excellent, with five-bar voice calls and fast 4G/3G data. 


A typical mobile phone booster kit will consist of an external antenna, a set of cables, an amplifier box, and an internal antenna. It is possible to order multiple indoor antennas, which can be beneficial if you intend to use the system to cover a wide area with multiple rooms. Likewise, if you are based a considerable distance away from a base station, strong external antennas are available, which can collect signals from over 10 miles away. 


Setting up the system is a simple, straightforward process. You simply attach the external antenna to the outside of your property, then connect the cables to the amplifier box, which is positioned indoors. This box then connects to an internal antenna, which will rebroadcast the signal. The entire kit can be assembled within 15-20 minutes and no real technical knowledge is required. In any case, full instructions are provided with most mobile repeater systems. 

Reasons For Poor Mobile Phone Signal

But why do you encounter a poor quality signal in the first place? The answers are various. Often, the issue resolves around your distance to a nearby network base station. This also explains why other people using different networks can have a better signal than yourself, and vice versa. If you are located in a remote area, you may be a long distance away from the nearest signal. As a result, this will give you a substandard connection. Other reasons for a bad indoor signal can include the natural environment. If you are surrounded by hills, valleys, or wide expanses of forest, this can also be a factor. But if you can gain a suitable signal outdoors but this diminishes indoors, the issue could be thick, high-density walling. 


A mobile phone booster can solve all these issues. As such, the kits are ideal for both residential and commercial use. The smaller, more affordable kits are recommended for houses, flats and apartments, while systems with a higher coverage ability are ideal for hospitals, educational establishments, meeting facilities, and serviced offices. Entry-level mobile boosters can cover areas between 250sqm and 500sqm. Those for business use can cover areas from 1000sqm to 2500sqm. Therefore, the kits bring excellent flexibility and the ability to upgrade at any time in the future. 


As a method to reduce dropped calls and ensure crystal clear call quality, a mobile phone booster comes highly recommended. The vast majority of mobile repeaters are compatible with all the major networks, such as EE, Vodafone, O2, and Three. This ensures no matter what your network, you can enjoy speedy 4G data and absolute clarity during your voice calls. 

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