Mobile Phone Signal Booster Benefits

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Mobile Phone Signal Booster

How to Boost Mobile Phone Coverage

Fed up of calls dropping out on your mobile or waiting until you have signal to make that important call? Tired of not having a strong enough mobile phone signal at home or work?

If so, you will be looking to boost the signal and coverage of your mobile signal. No longer will you need to make phone calls on the balcony or face a certain direction to pick up the signal because mobile repeaters are the handy pieces of kit that do it all for you. 

Why opt for a mobile phone booster box?

There are many reasons why;

  • It ends your frustration of not being able to really use your mobile at home or on the move because the signal isn’t strong enough. 
  • You will be able to avail of 3G and 4G Data at home with a mobile phone signal booster. 
  • Your battery will last longer because your phone isn’t constantly searching for a signal.
  • Investing in mobile repeaters means you may be able to finally ditch your landline as you have a reliable signal, including internet access. 
  • If you have online security systems, it adds an extra layer of security against hackers. 

How does a mobile repeater work?

In effect, no matter what brand of mobile phone booster kit you buy, they all more or less operate in the same way;

  • Outside antenna 

The first of the three parts is the outside antenna, a small aerial on the box that picks up the outside signal, essential for any signal booster to work. The box doesn’t create the signal, it locks on to those that it can find, no matter how weak.

Hills, trees, concrete buildings and so on, along with the distance from the phone mast all impact on the quality and strength of a signal. 

If you have a lot of interference in your mobile phone signal, you will need a mobile repeater with a strong antenna. Likewise, if you need a signal boost just for your phone at home and therefore one carrier, opt for a box that is specific to that carrier.

For workplace settings, for example, where the phone carriers are many, choose a mobile phone booster that has an omnidirectional antenna, one that picks up signals from multiple different masts.

  • Signal amplifier

Different carriers use different frequencies, information that allows the second major part of the mobile repeater system to act in the way you want it too.

Not to get too technical but most carriers use 850MHz or 1900MHz for 2G and 3G networks and there are many units that work with these frequencies. Customers who want 4G or LTE will need a different kind of signal booster kit in order to be able to identify and tap into the right frequency.

  • Indoor antenna

And finally, the indoor antenna attaches to the amplifier, broadcasting the repeated signal throughout your home or building. You can have a panel of dome antenna.

The panel antenna broadcasts in one direction whilst the dome version are best in homes or workplaces where you want the signal to go through multiple floors.

How do vehicle mobile repeaters work?

Being on the move doesn’t mean leaving behind great connectivity although, without a vehicle signal booster, this could be a bit hit and miss.

They use the same three-part system – they pick up the outside signal, amplify it and then repeat it. 

Most of these vehicle systems will have the omnidirectional antenna that we talked about earlier, with the external antenna on the outside of the car or vehicle.

Or you can install it under the front seat, something that many vehicle mobile repeaters suggest, although reading the manufacturer’s instructions will help determine the best location.

Boosts more than just voice calls

Clearly, if you regularly make important phone calls on your mobile, you will want a reliable signal. But how about when you text? Or do you rely on your mobile and its data package to stay in touch with the rest of the world?

If you do, you will understand the pain and frustration of not having a decent mobile signal. Your texts queue for the next time you have a decent signal and you don’t enjoy the immediate response of a returned text or message.

For many users, it is a safety issue too. Not being able to use your mobile and get a strong enough signal to contact people can leave us feeling isolated and remote.

And it is not an issue that is just experienced by rural mobile phone customers. A poor mobile signal can the bane of those living in cities and towns too.

Intermittent signal loss due to poor weather, such as a thunderstorm, is to be expected but when this poor signal quality continues for weeks and months on end, the time has come to take action.

Swapping your mobile phone provider may not be enough, although it can help, there is no guarantee that living in close proximity will help the signal quality. Mobile Repeaters UK 4G Signal Boosters will help you overcome this problem.

Have any questions? 

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