Mobile Signal Boosters: No More Dropped Calls

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Say Farewell To Interrupted Connection: A Guide To Mobile Phone Signal Boosters 


Have you ever walked about your home attempted to find a position where you can make a call in the knowledge that the call won't drop out?  Have you ever stood on a chair with the aim of receiving a text message from someone?  Do you know where the 'dead zones' are when you wander through your home with regards to your broadband or phone, or does your mobile phone drop out whenever you walk into a specific room?  If so, then you will know that mobile phone dead zones within a house exist and regardless of how much the mobile service provider promises coverage, it doesn't exist in all areas - particularly within the house.  However, did you know you could do something about this to experience a better signal with both your mobile phone coverage?


In the majority of cases, a mobile phone signal booster can be utilised to avoid dropping calls or missing connections; thereby, allowing you to have better signal within your home. However, you need to ask why the black spots or dead zones exist? How does a mobile phone signal booster work to overcome these problems? This article will provide information on what is causing the poor connection problems and what you can do to fix it. 


Why Doesn't My Broadband Or Phone Work The Same In All Areas? 

Like it or not, there are various aspects within a home that affects the mobile phone signal ranging from poor reception from the service provider to restrictions caused by property building materials. Understanding what causes the poor connection can help in deciphering whether you can do anything to overcome the poor connection problem; but where do you begin? There are certain ways to diagnose what is causing the signal loss, and this is explained in more detail below. 


  1. Building/Structure Issues


One of the most common problems with data or mobile phone coverage in the home will come from the materials used when the property was constructed.  Alternatively, the signals could be weakened by the buildings within the surrounding neighborhood. However, the problem could be a combination of the two issues! 


Mobile phone signal coverage often has issues when passing through metal and concrete used to construct properties, and this is the reason why you receive a better signal in a garden or with your arm sticking out of the upstairs bedroom window.  Of course, this is not something we suggest if you are attempting to make a call!  However, there is something you could do regarding the loss of mobile signal when trying to make calls without having to stick your arm out a window or perch a laptop on the window ledge.  The solution involves a mobile repeater/phone signal booster or a 4G signal booster; but, what are these and how do they operate? 


Simply put, the 4G signal booster or mobile repeater/phone signal booster is a device fixed to the exterior of your property.  It operates by bringing in existing outside signals via the device, amplifying the signal, repeating the process and distributing the signal within the walls of the property.  Using this device, you can bypass any blocks that may have existed and can gain a better level of coverage inside the home for both broadband and mobile phones. 


  1. Geographical Issues


If you reside a long distance from a major road or town, then the coverage problem is most likely based on geographical issues than structural problems.  To receive good mobile phone or broadband coverage, you need to reside within a certain distance from a mobile phone mast. This is the reason why many inhabitants of rural areas in the United Kingdom have problems regarding mobile phone or broadband coverage.  Furthermore, the issue could also exist if you live on one side of a mountain or hill with the mast being on the other side. 


If this is the situation in your case, it may be best if you switch to a service provider with a mast closer to your location to receive better coverage.  It is recommended that you speak to neighbours to determine which provider has the best coverage options, or check reviews online to find the provider offering the best coverage in your area.  If all residents in the community are experiencing the same coverage issues, then it may be worthwhile to approach the major service providers and ask if there are plans for a new mobile phone mast in the area. 


Choose The Correct Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Hopefully, after reading this article, you should have a better idea regarding the cause of your mobile phone or broadband coverage issues within your house.  Furthermore, the information should help identify which steps should be taken to ensure more effective coverage. This should help you avoid having to make calls while outside or having to use the old-fashioned landline. 

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