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EE Signal Booster Benefits

EE Signal Problems Solution - Mobile Repeater UK

Sick of never having a decent signal for your EE mobile phone? You wouldn’t be the first person, as there are countless people across the country that are dealing with poor mobile phone receptions purely down to the luck of their signal.  

This can be immensely frustrating for people that regularly use a mobile phone - which is most of us! Whether for home or work, an EE signal booster may offer the perfect solution to your signal woes, helping to navigate issues that are reducing the signal.  

What is a mobile signal booster? 

If you are wondering what exactly an EE signal booster is, it is basically a mobile phone signal booster designed for phones using the EE mobile network. Simply put, mobile phone signal boosters are devices used to amplify and improve the signal reception for a mobile phone.  

A mobile signal booster usually consists of 4 separate parts - an exterior antenna, indoor antenna, signal amplifier, and coaxial cables. When installed, these work to increase the signal bars of a mobile phone, providing a much better service both indoors and outdoors.  

Do I need an EE signal booster? 

EE Signal Booster - Mobile Repeater UK

Not everyone requires an EE signal booster, but those that have a mobile phone with this network that receives poor signals should certainly consider investing in a booster. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the signal of your current EE mobile reception to determine whether you need a mobile phone signal booster.   

Most people will already have an idea of their signal quality, as a poor signal reception is often the cause of much annoyance, but you can also check the signal strength on your device, which is typically found in the settings subsection.  

This info is given in decibels (dBM) with a negative number rating. The closer the number is to zero the better the signal, so the higher the negative rating the poorer the signal is, with the best rating (5 bars) being around -65dBM.  

Check this outside, as an EE signal booster uses an external antenna to boost the signal from afar, so even just a single bar outside is enough to benefit from a mobile phone signal booster device.  

How do I install an EE signal booster?  

It is simple enough to install an EE signal booster. You start by connecting the external antenna outside of your home wherever your phone gets a signal bar. From here, the antenna connects to the indoor antenna via the signal amplifier using the coaxial cables, working to boost the signal from the outside and transferring it indoors.  

Choosing the right EE signal booster 


Buying the right EE signal booster device should be easy enough. As all EE mobile signal frequencies operate on 1800MHz, simply choose an appropriate mobile signal booster using this frequency to improve signals for receiving phone calls and messages.  

Have any questions? 

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We are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have! We want to help you with your poor mobile signal problems and put a stop to the daily struggles of poor mobile signal.  

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