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TPO Mobile Signal Booster is now in our country; all the difficulties due to poor mobile coverage are done thanks to Mobile Repeater UK. 

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TPO Mobile, also called The People's Operator is a mobile virtual network operator, which means it uses infrastructure from another company to provide mobile phone services, initially TPO Mobile had worked with EE company but now it operates via Three Booster, one of the most reliable networks in UK, The Peoples Operator mobile together with TPO Mobile Booster by Mobile Repeater UK bring you fast mobile data speeds and great coverage 

The People's Operator was launched as an ethical mobile service provider in 2012, their services help users to support good causes of their choice and send them updates on how is being spent their money, it means that if you use TPO Mobile booster you will be supporting charitable causes that help animal shelter and local schools, cause this incredible network operator was created on a “changing lives for better” idea, and direct 10% of your mobile phone bill to these causes additional to the quarter of its profits through their own foundation. 

TPO Mobile Phone Signal Booster Description 

Our TPO Mobile Signal Boosters are small but effective mechanisms conceived as a way to improve mobile phone coverage of TPO mobile network, all the boosters function as a three main element system: an inside antenna, an amplifier, repeater or booster, and an outside antenna, they are usually connected by a coaxial cable and uses a power bank in order to work. 

Mobile Repeater UK is a company that knows all the things that you could need and bring it to you with products that comes as a kit and that includes all the things mentioned before. 

Don’t forget that TPO mobile signal booster UK will take the signal that exists in the area and will increase it, in the way that we explained before and then will rebroadcast it to you, so you won’t suffer anymore from weak signal and you will call or chat as you wish. 

Buy TPO Mobile Signal Booster in Mobile Repeater UK today and start talking with your friends or chat with your loved without transmission problems, your long distance business meetings will be beneficial too and if you are a specialist in telemarketing, a 4G booster will also improve the customer service that you bring, since it will prevent low reception, and eradicate all the “Cancel Download” advises from your mobiles and will improve your communications with an easy installation. 

Now please check the next image, as a visual reference of our explanation: 

TPO Mobile Signal Booster working


With TPO Mobile Booster you will amplify the coverage, improving your internet reception and improving your calls, cause with boosters it totally feels-good. 

Main Characteristics to choose a TPO Mobile Booster 

  1. a) Coverage: It’s important that you keep in mind that our catalogue is divided into different sections according to the size of the area where you want to boost the signal. The TPO Mobile Signal Booster can cover up to 250sqm,500sqm, 1,000sqm and more.
  2. b) Frequency: It depends on the mobile network operator that you are using, you always can ask them about the frequency thatyouare using or contact our experts to know more about it. 

c)Uses: When we talk about uses, we are talking about calls and data, are you going to use the booster just to improve the quality of your voice calls or to use data (4G and 3G) too? Or do you need both services? Please check this information before you buy a TPO Signal Booster. 

 How does the signal affects battery? 

Usually when the signal is poor the mobile battery internal radios will power trying to preserve the signal, so if it is poor your battery drain will be considerable, that’s the explanation of a quicker drain of battery when you are on a massive event as a concert, our repeaters are meant to take care of your devices and assure the quality of your calls. 

Power the signal in your gadgets using TPO Mobile booster available for you in Mobile Repeater UK. 

Poor Mobile Network Coverage Explained 

Distance from the service providers’ tower and your mobile phone. If you are not close to the service provider tower signal your coverage will be worst. 

Frequency, the higher is the frequency of the signal the harder is the way in which the signal reach your mobile phone. 

If you have found above the reason of your poor reception, Mobile Repeater UK surely can help you, you just have to look into our range of mobile phone signal boosters, or if you are already a Mobile Repeater UK customer tell us your experience as other have done in our Testimonial page. 

With TPO Mobile booster, you will get a more reliable mobile phone service! 

Mobile Repeater UK Information 

Mobile Repeater UK is the experienced supplier and the greatest alternative available in UK’s market, the signal boosters bring you the best value for money, in our website you will be able to find a lot of mobile signal booster’s options (Orange, Three, O2, Vodafone, EE) and according to your signal problems you could choose the one that best fits with your needs. 

We are different from other suppliers since we were one of the first companies to supply boosters in the UK as we have experience in customer service we are always trying to be informed about the updates and most recent requirements on the market. 

If you have questions or need more help about: what a mobile signal booster is, your TPO Mobile signal, Three signal, your home office, poor reception, dropped calls, poor signal, amplifying 3g and 4g or Wi-Fi, etc. do not vacillate; contact us by using the telephone, email or the chat box located at the bottom of the screen, we will be pleased to answer your queries, as we have an incredible customer service that has made us a mobile phone signal booster reception industry leader. 

Try out one of our TPO signal boosters! We offer a 15-day money back  guarantee on all our boosters, accessories and products in general and magnificent free shipping in UK. 

So, what are you waiting for? Select the UK's greatest mobile booster provider: Mobile Repeater UK 

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