Vodafone Boosters

| by Carlos Hasbun

Vodafone is the established UK networks and arguably has the best mobile coverage throughout the UK. The problem with poor vodafone coverage is when the signal is blocked more then just the distance of your home from the nearest base station.

Insulation - Blocks Vodafone signal but at least you usually have good signal outside. Here the Vodafone Booster will give you the coverage you need and the booster size will match close to the advertised area in an OPEN plan room.

Distance - If its distance that causing the problem then you have a bigger problem. The booster needs at least two out door bars to work and the advertised coverage is reduced, it means you need to overcompensate the booster your using by getting a bigger unit.

Any of the boosters here will work the voice is on 900MHz, the 3G Voice an usually 2100MHz and the 4G Vodafone data in the countryside on 800MHz and 2600MHz on the 4G in cities.

The value of the Vodafone booster is it will also work with o2.







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