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Mobile Repeater 

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A mobile repeater, commonly known as a signal booster, is a popular method for increasing the quality of a mobile signal inside of a building. Although all the major UK mobile networks provide a high level of coverage across the  country, there are times when the signal is simply not up to scratch. Often, this occurs indoors, hence the reason why many people are turning to mobile repeaters to solve their signal woes. Most mobile repeater kits can accommodate all the major UK networks, so no matter if you are signed up to EE, O2, Vodafone, or Three, you can benefit.

A signal booster or mobile repeater is often described as working like an amplifier. In basic terms, an external antenna collects a network signal from a nearby base station. This signal is then sent to an amplifier box, which boosts the performance prior to rebroadcasting via an indoor antenna. Rather than using your mobile to connect directly from the base station, you will benefit from the local signal emission within your home or business property. This can improve both voice calls and 4G/3G data connectivity by a considerable amount.

You may be considering investing in a mobile repeater if your mobile signal is poor inside your home or business premises. Usually, there is a common reason for this problem: you are just out of reach of a base station. This can cause dropped calls, poor data connectivity, and distortion when speaking to family, friends and clients. However, even if you live within easy reach of a base station, you can still suffer from inadequate signal. This is common if your premises has a multi-tier layout, or has thick, dense walls that block signals. If this is the case, you will benefit hugely from purchasing a mobile repeater kit.

Installation Mobile Repeater 

The set up process for signal boosters is easy and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. Most kits come with 4 major components: an internal antenna, an amplifier box, a cable set (usually with spare wiring), and an external antenna (usually supplied with a mountable wall plate). You do not need any major technical knowledge to install the system, and in any case, all kits come with full instructions. You should find that you can comfortably install the hardware yourself, although if this is not physically possible, a friend, DIY enthusiast or colleague will be able to assist.

Before purchasing a mobile repeater kit, you will first need to consider the size of the building you wish to boost the signal inside. Small residential buildings like houses, flats and apartments tend to require a single internal antenna. They often retail less than £200 with enough capacity to serve a space of 250sqm. Larger, commercial buildings such as educational establishments, hotels, office blocks and restaurants may require additional capacity, depending on the size of property. These systems can serve anywhere between 500sqm and 2500sqm.

Therefore, no matter what your type of building, you can make a noticeable difference to your mobile phone signal by use of a mobile repeater. Rather than heading outside the premises to gain signal, you, your family or customers will be able to make crystal clear voice calls and access the Internet with no restrictions. Mobile repeater kits are highly affordable and, in areas where there is little or even no signal, can be considered an absolute necessity. With a user-friendly installation and the ability to upgrade the system in future, a signal booster kit is a surefire route to superior signal performance.


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