Boosting Cellular Signal in a Basement

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You might have often noticed your cell phone signal drops down in strength once you enter the basement of a building or home. The signal strength that looked fine when you were on the ground level becomes useless as soon as you descend the stairs. Read on to learn about the possible solutions to poor signal strength in your home or office basement. 

Why Does Signal Strength Become Weaker While In A Basement?

Cellular signal travels in a line-of-sight fashion from the cell tower to the reception point, and when you get below ground level, there is no line-of-sight between the cell tower and your cell phone. This is the primary reason for a reduction in the strength of cellular signals when underground.

In addition to that, the available signal strength at the ground level also determines the signal strength received in the basement. If you live in a place that receives good signal strength outdoors, the signal in the basement will be somewhat stronger when compared with places that already have poor signal strength, even at ground level.

How Can You Boost Cellular Signals In Basements?

Consider Installing A Cell Phone Booster

While there are several methods you can try to improve the signal quality in the basement, cell phone boosters are the most effective means of improving cell signal. Whatever the initial signal quality, cellular signal boosters effectively boost the available signals and allow for easy cellular communication. 

A cell phone booster is a simple device that contains three major parts and its operation is simple, as is its installation. The external antenna of a signal booster receives the available cellular signals and sends it to the amplifier, which performs the signal boosting function. After the signal is boosted, the amplifier sends it to the internal antenna that rebroadcasts the boosted signal to the desired area. 

Check with your carrier

You can call up your carrier customer service and explain your situation. They may be able to suggest a solution for your problem. Some may suggest using a femtocell or microcell, which functions more or less like a tiny cell tower by creating localized cell signal in your basement. Femtocells require a broadband internet connection for its operation and the way they work differs according to the carrier. 

Keep Your Phone Charged Up

When a cell phone is continuously searching for cellular signals, and the battery drains much faster than with a steady signal. When the battery power of the cell phone is low, it will have an adverse impact on the ability of the phone to find the best signal and hang on to it. Make sure your phone has adequate battery power while in a basement. 

Poor signal strength while in a basement is often unavoidable. While there are other solutions you can try, the best and easiest solution is the installation of a cell phone booster, which are efficient and affordable for most people.

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