What Can Negatively Affect Cellular Signal?

| by Mobile Repeater

Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, and it is important to have strong signal for a cell phone to work properly. A cell signal is usually based on a line of sight. What this means is that if one cell tower can ‘see’ a device, that device will be able to receive signal. Anything between it and the device could interfere with the reception. Here are some reasons why the signal could be compromised, and consequentially, why you might have to look for a cellular booster.

Strain On Cellular Network Bandwidth

If there are numerous applications installed on your device, then these will need a lot of bandwidth to work. Applications usually remain open and run in the background, using much signal and bandwidth for their activities. Free applications tend to be full of advertisements, and these can use much bandwidth to facilitate running their ads.

Metallic Cell Phone Case

Everyone knows that a back cover is designed to protect their mobile device. Most back covers are good at offering protection for the phone. However, some phone cases may have metal elements that can have a negative effect on your signal. Plastic cases usually do not interfere with it. While a phone case can do a great job protecting your phone from falls and impacts, it may also disrupt cell signal from reaching your device.

Natural Features

Mountains, hills, vegetation, and weather are all potential detriments to cellular signal. Although this might not be possible always and everywhere, you can go to a different place without any of these things for a chance at better signal. Remember, the signal will easily reach a phone within line of sight. So the fewer the obstacles, the stronger the signal.

Network Traffic

In a densely populated place where several individuals use phones to make calls, browse or download/upload something, the cellular network can become overwhelmed. This overuse of the available signal can make the internet connection slow or unavailable entirely. This rarely happens, but even the rare occurrence is enough to keep you from doing your task(s) and throw off an entire day.

Have you tried uploading a photograph to social media or composing an email, at a place where a big event is happening, to no avail? If yes, then the failure might be because numerous mobile users are vying for bandwidth on your provider’s network in that area.

If these problems are affecting you at home or in your car, then you may need to consider a cell signal repeater. 

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