HiBoost F13-EW

Product Ref: F13-EW

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Mobile Repeater UK

Quick Overview
  • Up to 500 m2
  • Calls : All UK Networks
  • 3G    :All 3G
  • 4G    : All UK networks

HiBoost F13-EW

Are you constantly experiencing problems with mobile voice service? Moreover, your 3G Internet leaves much to be desired? Forget about it! Mobile phone signal booster HiBoost F13-EW is your solution!

The model spreads amplified voice and 3G signal over area up to 500 m2. Enjoy really good mobile reception with HiBoost F13-EW!

Key features

  • Network: EGSM/GSM/UMTS 900 + UMTS 2100 MHz
  • Coverage: middle-sized areas up to 500 m² / 5300 ft²
  • All-in-one solution
  • All components in kit
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Complies with CE and RoHS standards
  • CE- and RoHS-certified
  • Full duplex