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Power Max XT GSM900/2100 3G – Voice & 3G All UK Networks

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The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater is a super unique and strong repeater on the market. This GSM900/3G Repeater strongly amplifies mobile signal and is compatible with absolutely all European high speed mobile networks, which include these UK networks:

EE | Three | Vodafone | O2 | All Subsidiary Branches

The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater has super-strong coverage up to 2500 square meters and supports up to 100 simultaneous users! It supports and reinforces all high speed GSM 900 and 3G mobile network connection. The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater is perfect for homes, properties or multileveled offices that need strong and improved signal or 3G data.

The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater covers:

  • 2G | 3G | 4G – All European Networks
  • Voice Calls – All European Networks
  • Up to 2500 square meters
  • Up to 100 Simultaneous Users

The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater is so unique because it covers an area of 2500 square meters, it supports a large number of 100 users and it is compatible with all high speed GSM900 and 3G networks! These simple reasons guarantee that this Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater is perfect for people looking for an enhanced 3G Data signal reception but need coverage for a larger area or for a larger number of simultaneous users. We offer Mobile Repeaters for all different types of places, instillations and problems.

The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater comes with everything you need, so all you have to do is install the repeater and then sit back and experience uninterrupted and improved cell signal. We offer 100% free technical support for anyone who needs assistance with the instillation of their Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater and it is available for fast delivery from our depot in the UK.

The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater also includes:

  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Free technical support
  • Coverage of 2500 square meters and boosts up to 100 simultaneous users.

Why do I need the Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater?

Do you receive poor mobile signal or slow 3G data connection? Do you walk around your property, trying to find enhanced mobile signal or 3G data while you’re on super important business calls or simply speaking with friends or family? It’s not a ‘walk in the park’ to have poor signal in our homes, offices or workspace and it is even worse when our network are usually not the ones causing these super frustrating problem. Even though it is 2018 and we have outstanding technology at our disposal, we still fight bad mobile signal and 3G data connection.

Fortunately Mobile Repeater UK can help you fix these reduced mobile signal problems yourself! The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater is designed to overcome the problems that cause poor mobile signal in our homes, offices or businesses. The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater gives amazing improved signal straight away and results are always guaranteed.

What is the Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater?

The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater is a type of amplifier specifically designed to improve mobile signal. The Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater is composed of an exterior antenna that receives and retransmits signal from nearby digital phone towers, coaxial cables, a mobile repeater system, and an interior rebroadcast antenna.

How does it work?

The exterior antenna captures the signal from the nearest digital phone signal tower and transmits it through the coaxial cable to the Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater system, which with its interior antenna, will boost and radiate the signal throughout the home or work related building, to completely stop the slow data and maddening interruptions experience.

We offer customized installations.

Here at Mobile Repeater UK, we offer another key service, which is the professional designing and installing of our custom build mobile repeater structures. We offer these customized designs and instillation services, because not everyone requires the same Mobile Repeater system, moreover we want to offer you the precise product you need.

Mobile amplifiers that cover an area of 5000 square meters or more, occasionally require some extra assistance and help, particularly when they are custom built solutions. So, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible in order to get on the go with your survey and installation process!

Here at Mobile Repeater UK, our professional tech support and instillation team is always super ready to help and assist anyone who needs help with their new mobile repeater, customized or not. Our most important priority is always your satisfaction. We want to make sure you are completely content with your new Mobile Repeater and as always, that you receive the service you deserve.

Is the difficult to install?

Not in the least! On the complete contrary; the Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater is so easy and simple to install, that we suggest you give it a try yourself! The instillation process is super simple and it takes no more 30 minutes to install. However, if you prefer technical assistance or are having a difficult time with the instillation of your Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater we are always more than ready and happy to assist you.


If you have any questions about the Power Max XT GSM900/3G Repeater or any other Mobile Repeaters we offer on our Mobile Repeater UK site, frequencies, free shipping, 2G,3G or 4G networks, customized instillation or designs questions, prices, high gain antennas, 5000 square meter coverage or any other question, please feel free to contact us by E-mail or give us a quick ‘ring’! We are always more than pleased to assist you or answer any questions you might have, before or after the purchase of one of our super stong Mobile Repeater systems.

We recognize that finding a Mobile Amplifier system that is just right for you is not a ‘walk in the park’! There are countless online sites that offer Mobile Amplifiers, and it’s hard to know which will offer the optimum products and service. Moreover, we are more than proud to say that we are now the #1 Mobile Repeater shop on-line, and all acknowledgments go to our wonderful customers, who have helped us grow, improve and have been a part of our Mobile Repeater UK crew for more 10 years now, and many more to come!

Thank you for visiting our site! Hope to hear from you soon!   

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