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Our Benefits


The tri-band has got my EE LTE working great now. I sometimes forget to connect to the WiFi since it's so quick. Haven't had reception like this since I lived closer to the city

Rory H.
January 2018

I have tested the unit and it works great - totally exceeded my expectations.

Peter C.
February 2018

Signal booster has been a great success.

Location high in loft space, provides coverage for whole house, even some of garden and garage.

It has greatly improved my business/ home “life”, as I am now assured of reception.

This means I can reliably take biz calls at home, so can avoid manic Rush Hour traffic, by going to office later in morning and leaving earlier, avoid congestion and delays.

As a selling point, I would have bought a booster much earlier, if I had known how much it would de-stress, from worrying about missing important calls.

Many Thanks

Iain Steven
February 2018

"Thanks. The units were received safely this morning and the first one is set up and working like a charm"

Graham Milne
February 2018

Just wanted to say we get 4 or 5 bars all the time now. Its amazing how much more I enjoy my iPhone now that I get reliable service on it!

May 2017

People are actually excited when they come out to the farm and they get better signal then they do in some areas of town. I couldn't go back now thanks again.

Ralph L.
December 2017

I have to say am impressed at how well the units work. I used two of the yagi antennas in 45 deg polarization for the cellular router and it is giving me downloads of over 40mb/s ... before that got almost zero signal. Also am able to calls where there was no signal before. Thanks again.

January 2018

Will it work for me?

If you can see 1 or more signal bars, a mobile repeater will work for you
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