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Mobile Repeater offer a range of ready to go Mobile Phone Signal Booster kits that are know as Repeaters. These devices are used for homes and buildings with bad inside phone reception. Our Mobile Repeaters Come with an outside antenna, all the cable you need, your Mobile Signal Booster and an inside antenne. After a quick install and speedy delivery all of your phone network troubles can be a thing of the past.

How do I choose the right Mobile Repeater?

Do not let the complexity of network frequencys put you off. Simply choose a network you would like to boost or choose an associated Mobile Phone Signal Booster from a collection. As long as you get some signal for your network outside your building. You can be safe knowing you have the right Repeater.

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters by Mobile Repeater

Mobile Repeater offers a wide variety of mobile phone signal boosters. Triband Repeater This variety or why there would be a variety can be confusing to those who simply want phone signal inside their house and do not want to worry any further than that. In these circumstances, you would usually want a triband repeater. One of the best triband mobile phone signal boosters that we have improves signal with all mobile networks boosting both voice and data connections. So you can still use the internet on your phone via your phone's network connection as well as just making and taking calls. 

For those wanting something on more of a budget or in need of a specific solution. They may want to cut down the amount of frequencies the repeater boosts and how strong it is. This allows customers to use their mobile signal booster for just one room or even factories that are 5000 m2+. 

Mobile Phone Signal Booster frequencies


Have you ever been low on signal and realized that you can not get online on your phone but can still take calls? This is because the mobile signal coverage you are getting may only be for 900mhz to 1800mhz and the higher range 2100mhz+ is getting broken up before it gets to your mobile phone. Most mobile phone calls are made over GSM which operate in the UK on 900mhz & 1800mhz. This is the sort of connection you would get with a 900mhz a 1800mhz or combined 900/1800mhz repeater. You can make calls and take calls but to get an internet connection you would need to use a wifi connection. These 900/1800 lower frequency bands can travel farther and thanks to its wave length, things like walls and blocking objects are much easier for them to penetrate. Whenever a frequency gets higher such as 2100mhz or the 4G 2600mhz, Signal can not travel just as far and are blocked much easier by walls, trees or buildings.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster2100MHZ

The mobile phone network 3 now known as one of the best in the UK had some initial fame due to really bad signal. This was because they only operated on 2100mhz 3G (hence their name 3). At the time of 3's release. the UK did not have a strong 2100mhz infrastructure and three users could not talk over GSM. Now however, the 3G infrastructure is so good that this is no longer the case. At the same time though as you may have guessed with a 3 mobile phone you need the 2100mhz connection for calls. However at the same time as 3G operates on 2100mhz on all networks. If you have a 2100mhz repeater you can get your internet connection from your mobile phone via the phone network and for most networks you can also make calls.


With 4G LTE which operates at 2600mhz this signal is much weaker but most networks are starting to use the 1800mhz and in some cases 800mhz connection for 4G in order to improve connection. With 4G you can make calls and use the internet at ultra fast speeds and with great clarity. 4G usually has the worst problems getting inside your house due to its high wave legnth but if you have it outside the signal would normally be much stronger. This is where the term repeater comes from for the Mobile Phone Signal Boosters as what you are doing is effectivly getting this signal from outside and repeating it inside. 


Popular UK Mobile phone signal boosters

  • Home Essentials | Calls

    • Vodafone | O2 | Resellers
    • Up to 250 sq m2
    • 900 MHz
    • Voice
    £235.00 £139.00
  • Home Essentials | 3G

    • All UK Networks
    • Up to 250 sq m2
    • 2100 MHz
    • Voice | Data
    £235.00 £169.00
  • Home Essentials - 4G Data

    • All UK Networks
    • Up to 250 m2
    • 800 | 2600 MHz
    • 4G
    £335.00 £295.00
  • Home Premium | Calls | 3G | 4G

    • All UK Networks
    • Up to 250 m2
    • 800 | 1800 | 2100
    • Voice | 3G | 4G
    £495.00 £385.00
  • Home Premium | Calls

    • All UK Networks
    • Up to 250 m2
    • 900 |1800 MHz
    • Voice
    £335.00 £249.00
  • Business Premium | Calls | Data

    • All UK Networks
    • Up to 500 m2
    • 900 | 1800 | 2100MHz
    • Voice | 3G | 4G
    £650.00 £495.00