Mobile Repeaters commercial areas Up to 5000m

Survey of mobile signal and a full report & system design - book a mobile signal survey

Mobile Signal Solutions is an award winning multi-national telecom solutions provider who specialise in developing solutions for clients with mobile connectivity issues. We have significant experience and have blue chip clients in most countries.

For larger areas where you want to improve mobile signal indoors please talk to our project management team - direct email to Paul or anyone of the sales team at  Please call any of the team who will arrange a  free consultation and they can recommend if a site survey and report is the best solution. Our team of engineers and professional installers can do a estimate and bill of materials from plans. If required a full survey and report can be organised and a quotation. The report is £412 plus vat and fully refundable with an order.

Simple Design example below - 


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  • Entreprise Premium+ | Calls | 3G | 4G

    • Up to 5000 m2
    • Calls : All UK Networks
    • 3G    : All UK Networks
    • 4G    : EE (in cities)