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Hi Boost Signal Boosters

Regardless of whether you are at home, in the office, or even working from home acting as your office, a poor mobile signal can cause problems. For instance, if you are in the middle of a crucial project, a sluggish mobile connection or a complete drop-out can result in some frustrating liabilities and loss of work.

The positive news is that there are solutions to these issues for people operating in weaker signal areas who cannot utilize their mobile devices for leisure or business purposes. One of the most powerful and affordable alternatives is the mobile signal booster option produced under the HiBoost brand by Hauptec.

This mobile signal booster performs the exact service it advertises - it improves the mobile signal received for voice calls, 3G/4G data, or both of these items.  So, how does it accomplish these tasks? The manufacturer Hauptec provide a range of different high quality mobile signal boosting kits involving an outdoor antenna mounted on the wall or roof of the specific building.  It is connected to the booster unit via a cable found inside the property, which in turn connects to the antenna found indoors.

The outdoor antenna picks up on the mobile signal using the closest local base station transmitting a weak signal via the booster unit. The unit will amplify the signal to higher, more powerful levels and sends it to the indoor antenna. The indoor antenna broadcasts this stronger signal across the interior of the property.

HiBoost Mobile Signal Booster Range 

Hi Boost Mobile Signal Booster - Mobile Repeater UK

When choosing a HiBoost mobile signal booster, you will find there are various benefits to the unit.  The brand provides a host of different solutions catering to all your needs; therefore, if you want to boost voice calls exclusively or the 3G/4G service, it is possible to purchase a single-band booster for this task.

On the other hand, the manufacturer makes a dual-band booster that can amplify both 3G/4G signals and voice calls. For people who require a multi-purpose solution, there are tri-band or five-band solutions allowing for 3G/4G and voice call boosting with more to cover the additional mobile data frequency bands. Incidentally, it is only the HiBoost range that offers a five-band mobile phone booster kit.

All primary mobile frequency bands are supported by different types of HiBoost products, including the following:



- 3G

- LTE800

- LTE1800

- LTE2600, and all sizes of premises covered up to 3000 m2 in the area.

HiBoost Signal Booster Installation 

Each of the mobile signal booster packages consists of a full kit including the necessary installation components (cables, antenna, mounting brackets, etc.), as well as the hardware required to install the booster unit in your building. The HiBoost booster unit is also very simple to install and set up.

For instance, the HiBoost Hi17-3SL dual-band booster unit for voice and 3G features a smart LCD screen that assists with installation, helping you to locate the best position for the outdoor antenna. The display is also beneficial for troubleshooting as it pinpoints errors with installation.  When used generally, the screen can show off the current settings of the booster unit clearly.

The Hi20-17-3SL booster unit also supports an automatic gain control (AGC) technology delivering the best performance to boost mobile signal in your property without any input required from the user. From the moment you plug the unit in, the AGC technology will automatically configure the device to acquire the best indoor mobile signal off the bat. However, AGC regulates the unit's signal amplification power avoiding interference with the closest cell tower.

If you wish to adjust the level of the mobile signal booster yourself, there is also the manual gain control (MGC) option that allows you to do that.  All of the controls as part of the MGC are implemented in a user-friendly way ensuring there is no confusion.

HiBoost - Advantages 

When you consider that Hauptec creates industrial mobile signal repeaters, it makes sense that the mobile signal booster units are well designed and effectively implemented. The HiBoost brand series takes cues from the professional equipment with a difference being that the HiBoost is streamline and personalized for the average user. The HiBoost mobile signal boosts are focused on reliability and quality of equipment, which is a world away from the compromised solutions available elsewhere on the booster device market.

It is important to note that there are several hidden advantages to utilising a mobile signal booster, such as an improved battery life for the mobile phone. This is based on the fact that the booster unit offers strong, stable signals meaning the handset does not struggle to pick up signals any longer; therefore, less power is being utilized and the batter longevity is prolonged.

The HiBoost equipment reduces the level of radiation sent out by the mobile phone - another hidden benefit of the phone not having to work as hard to locate a stable signal. It should also be noted that HiBoost is designed as an environmentally friendly booster unit; thereby, boosting official CD certification to comply with EU-wide health and safety regulations.

So, if you wish to turn weaknesses into strengths from a mobile signal perspective, then you should visit the website to find a range of HiBoost signal boosters.


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