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Mobile Repeater UK

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Quick Overview
  • All UK Networks
  • Up to 250 m2
  • 800 | 1800 | 2100
  • Voice | 3G | 4G

Premium Home Booster - Every Network  - Voice|3G|4G 

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The premium home range of boosters are designed for people who want to be sure they and their guests are connected to all networks and have access to super fast speeds as well as voice and emails all around their home.

The mobile booster is designed to suit most apartments, homes even small offices. It operates on 3 different frequencies to ensure you have signal constantly, these are 800/1800/2100MHz and cover Voice | 3G | 4G. The booster  and will give up to 250m squared coverage in any open plan building. You simple require perfect outdoor cover to reach 250m squared, if you have very poor outdoor signal we recommend you upgrade to business premium which has double the output power.

This booster is designed for homes to boost the voice calls and data and as a result is compatible 

  • Vodafone
  • 02
  • EE
  • Three
  • BT
  • Lebara |Tesco | giffgaff | Talk Talk | Asda 
  • Voice | 3G | 4G

 Designed for universal mobile coverage. All that is required is an external signal. It will work with all smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Whatever is outside can be improved and boosted around your home. 

  • Free Shipping
  • Coverage up to 250m sq in open plan
  • 15 Day money back guarantee
  • Everything you need to install

2017 has seen a huge convergence among the networks technology, all are using the similar latest technology and frequencies to ensure that the best signal and fastest speeds are provided.  Regardless of the reason for your poor coverage the repeater covers ALL networks and ALL the reasons you need coverage - Voice 3G and 4G speeds.