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Mobile Repeater

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Quick Overview
  • Up to 500 m2
  • Calls : EE
  • 3G    : -
  • 4G    : EE (in cities)

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This signal booster is designed for Everything Everywhere's 4G EE High Speed data and voice network. This product comes as a complete kit and will enhance EE and T-Mobile High Speed 4G data network users for areas up to 500 square meters. The repeater includes everything you need to ensure strong and reliable signal and high speed data downloads. This product is simple to install, comes with 100% free technical support from our UK office in Kent.

  • 4G EE 1800MHz Amplifier
  • Covers voice and date to 150MB speeds
  • Coverage up to 500 sq m
  • Requires good outdoor coverage
  • Supports 50 simultaneous users
  • FREE shipping
  • 15 day money back guarantee

CE certified and meets all UK quality and health and safety requirements. The business essentials is a reliable and a proven EE signal booster and will give excellent coverage to a large home of business. If your building has multiple stories please give customer care a call and they can recommend the best solution as this booster may travel through plasterboard walls and timber floors but is designed for open plan areas.

Signal booster Installation is easy and takes about 20 minutes. Simply place the external aerial antenna and connect to the repeater inside. Screw on the whip aerial and plug in for immediate improvements in signal. For best performance the external aerial should be in the location with the strongest signal outdoors. Exact coverage will be dependant on outdoor signal the stronger it is the better the coverage indoors. All signals will be booster to full bars regardless of the signal outdoors how far it travels indoors from the repeater is what the outdoor signal influences.  

Each EE Booster pack will have

  • 1 X External dual band antenna
  • 1 X 10 m coax to connect to repeater
  • 1 X AC/DC power supply
  • 1 X Indoor whip aerial
  • Instruction manual