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Mobile Repeater

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Quick Overview
  • Up to 250 m2
  • Calls : All UK Networks
  • 3G    : All UK Networks
  • 4G    : -

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This repeater is certified for the 2 main frequencies and covers all 3G voice and data in the UK. This ensures all handsets that cover standard voice or 3G for the main networks Vodafone, O2 and its resellers like Lebara, Tesco mobile and giffgaff will have better signal. 
  • All UK Networks with 3G Voice
  • All UK Networks 3G with speeds up to 10MB
  • Vodafone & o2 Standard Voice calls
  • Coverage up to 250 sq m
  • Supports up to 50 simultaneous users
  • 15 day money back guarantee policy
  • Free UK Shipping

What is needed to ensure it will work for me?

One thing and one thing only. You must have signal outside where you place the aerial. The stronger the signal the closer to the recommended coverage you will receive. For areas where outdoor signal is weak always go with the stronger booster coverage areas. 

Is Installation Difficult

One outdoor antenna, one cable to the repeater and plug it in and you will have full indoor coverage everywhere if its open plan. If you have loads of internal walls it reduces the coverage but signal will travel through plaster board and wooden floors. Mass concrete and foil/steel will block the signal.

  • GSM 900/2100MHz repeater base unit
  • External Aerial
  • 10m cable with connectors
  • Internal whip aerial 
  • Power supply
  • Easy to follow manual


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