Office 4G | Voice Booster

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Mobile Repeater UK

Quick Overview
  • Up to 500 m22
  • Calls : All UK networks
  • 3G    : -
  • 4G    : All Networks

UK 4G Signal Booster

Boosts 4G for all networks in the UK, including the main networks O2, Vodafone, EE and Three and all resellers such as Tesco, Giff Gaff, Lebara and every network.
This has the huge advantage of a 4G solution which has a back up of voice as well as 4G for everyone. No additional repeaters needed, no trying to find a signal close to a window, simple walk in and you have full signal everywhere on every network. 

4G will operate on 800Mhz (latest) 1800 MHZ and 2600 MHz.

The best by far has proven to be the 800 MHz, the reason is the lower the frequency number, 800MHz has much less signal loss as it travels then 2600MHz so when it arrives it has much faster speeds and stronger signals. It travels further across distances but also further into buildings. Hence the networks have chosen to use the 800MHz in in more and more areas.  EE have recently moved all the networks 4G outside the main cities from 1800MHz to 800MHz.  This means that people in the countryside using EE now have better 4G signal outside and a booster can detect that signal, boost it and spread it all around the home and office.

Why does this booster suit most mobile phones?

The signal booster will be the best selling UK booster either the home (250m max) or the office (500m max) version as it also has the back up of boosting voice calls. Calls on all networks except EE are based on 900MHz, this frequency is broken into 2, EGSM and GSM, this repeater covers both making it good for all of the UK and also for any European network so it will work with any holiday homes abroad. EE customer will be able to make calls via the 4G which is covered. Everyone else will be able to make calls via the 4G or the standard voice, all are covered by this repeater.

Top 3 reasons to buy this mobile phone booster

Covers 4G for all networks in UK and EU
Covers voice for all the networks in UK
Guaranteed high speed data indoors & perfect quality phone calls
Only Downside
Does not cover EE/Three in ALL areas for 4G but will do most.  People living in some parts of London, Manchester, Liverpool inner city may need a 5 band signal booster to cover all eventualities as 2600MHz is still widely used.

Repeater Comes with

A choice of 3 variations of power one to a max of 250m squared and recommended for home and one with a max of 500m and recommended for offices and  a 3rd to boost signal in cars. The distance travels depends on signal outdoors and how open plan the areas is. The stronger repeater compensates for weak signal or inner walls that absorb signal
Office - To a max of 500m Squared (double the power)
Vehicle - Covers Boats, cars etc
1 X 800|900 including EGSM Signal Booster ready to plug in
1 X Outdoor aerial to capture the best signal
1 X 10m cable to connect to repeater
1 X Indoor aerial to be screwed into the amplifier


15 Day money back guarantee
12 months warranty
Free advice and support on phone
Call out by engineers for a small fee for larger projects requiring assistance to boost signal in large corporate building like hotels and offices.