Paul Martin - December 2018

Senior Partner
The Will Partnership

Just to say thanks v much.

All working great and much appreciated.



Steve - December 2017

Hi Fabian,

Received the booster and installed yesterday.

It works brilliantly, we have a better signal inside than we do outside! We have gone from an occasional weak one bar 3G to a four bar 4G.

Thank you once again for you help and advice.

Mark - September 2017
The tri-band has got my EE LTE working great now. I sometimes forget to connect to the WiFi since it's so quick. Haven't had reception like this since I lived closer to the city. 
Rory H. - June 2015

The booster is working well thanks I thought I was going to have to switch to another network but this saves me a tonne of time.
Larry W. - June 2015


Just wanted to say we get 4 or 5 bars all the time now. Its amazing how much more I enjoy my iPhone now that I get reliable service on it!
Selena - May 2015


I have tested the unit and it works great - totally exceeded my expectations.
Peter C. - April 2015


All good now. Now that I have the Yagi set up everything is good. full signal everywhere in the house and even out in the garden.
Steven - February 2015
I have to say am impressed at how well the units work. I used two of the yagi antennas in 45 deg polarization for the cellular router and it is giving me downloads of over 40mb/s ... before that got almost zero signal. Also am able to calls where there was no signal before. Thanks again,
Majd - January 2015

Thanks it has arrived and it is a great kit - signal at last!

Roger - January 2015

Hi Fabian, Thank you for this. I would like to say how very impressed I have been with the after-sales service of your company. I did worry that seeking assistance or a replacement may be a very difficult task but Robin and your team have been exceptionally fair and helpful.
Henry G - January 2015

Just like to say that our mini repeater x14 has arrived .  Installed very easily and is now providing a very useable signal over the majority of our house, just got one upstairs bedroom which has little signal.  So overall and so far very pleased , better signal than standing outside our house. Regards,
Mary - December 2014

People are actually excited when they come out to the farm and they get better signal then they do in some areas of town. I couldn't go back now thanks again.
Ralph L. - December 2014

Working great I appreciate it guys I refer some people to Mobile Repeater and I think one of them is even on your testimonials! hahah. thanks again.
Paul Johnson - November 2014
The iBoost has made it possible for me to work from home. I can make calls to clients without any interuptions. no missed calls. 
Saheed - September 2014
People stay now after they grab their meal. It's amazing how important reliable signal is to our patrons. This is just what we needed glad we went with the PRO model.
Mario - July 2014
I tried another company and was so disappointed thankfully i was referred to Mobile Repeater because now I couldn't go back. I might need to get more exercise now that i'm not running outside to catch phone calls :) i appreciate the follow up. all is well now.
Lucy G - June 2014
Yes it has solved the issue entirely. Whole lot has 3G now and our new system is working perfectly. Am considering your 4G PRO in the future. 
Donovan - May 2014
Considering I am replying to this email from home and not down the street - I'd say it works magnificently!
Michael - February 2014

Bought a Tri-Band for the office - the dual band worked so good I brought it home. Still working after 2 years just thought I'd let you know!
Marke - December 2013
Delivered within 5 days and had it up and running in just 10 minutes. One of the best investments I made and customer service assisted me when we had to adjust everything. We had to relocate the antenna and I thought I would be on my own but got a hold of Mary and she helped me take care of it. Thank you Mary and Mobile Repeater!
Yolanda - September 2013

Many thanks to the Mobile Repeater team for helping us get signal at our house. We live far out in the sticks and barely get a bar! We bought the MR Yagi aerial upgrade due to the low signal and can now be contacted via mobiles at home. 
Trent - June 2013
We are pleased to tell you that the whole factory now receives a strong signal. The MD was skeptical at first but is thrilled now that he's getting 4G in his office.
Jody - June, 2013
Thanks for your help! We installed the kit in our home over the weekend and are amazed at the results! My wife and kids can use their mobiles inside the house now. I use a 3G dongle for work and have excellent signal and data speeds. We tried the Vodafone SureSignal which we returned and bought this instead, thank goodness!
Bryant - May, 2013
We ordered a Dual Band PRO online after speaking with Fabian the sales agent. Delivery took 4 days to our door step. We run a small business from this property and were able to install the kit ourselves in about an hour. Before installing the kit we were lucky to get 2 bars in the corner of the room near the window and now we get 5 bars in every room! Great bit of kit does exactly what it says on the box! 
James - March, 2013

Thank you for the manual, I am now able to use my mobile in my home for the first time in 6 years.
Thank you again,

Sheila Holmes - January, 2013


Hi Sean my new power kit arrived all on five sticks thank you so mutch for sorting things out five stars for you alltho i live in a very beutifull place once your repeater goes off the signal is very intermitant happy again it even works in the garden thaks for your trouble and Best Regards For The new Year I regularly attend the local and influential business group networking events and it has been a pleasure to be able to pay you back in some way by giving my wholehearted and thorough recommendation to these groups on what is a breath of fresh air in the recruitment industry in this area - Long may you continue to set standards for others to follow.

Tom - July, 2012

Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other companies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day.

Arthur - July, 2012

I just wanted to let you know Fabian, how happy I am with the service provided by the Mobile Repeater, with you in particular, in the account handling of my company.

Jason - June, 2012

Firstly i would like to thank you for the ease of use of your site and for the very fast delivery. Secondly i would like to thank you for the recent product which i purchased the MR PRO model, I am very happy with the service of this product and believe I will purchase more in the near future.

Hisham - June, 2012

The signal is now great through most of the house. My wife's 7 year old Nokia is showing full signal in most room as well, we are well impressed. The installation took me about 45 minutes, your instructions were clear and easy to follow. Very well done, good to buy a product that does what it says on the box!

Steve Markham - May 2012

The Mobile Repeater has arrived and has been fitted for about 3 days now, has been working beautifully :)

John - May 2012

Hi all,
I would just like to say that the wireless mobile signal repeater you provided me with is fantastic!!! I used to not get any signal in my basement and poor signal in random locations in my house but now that i have the signal booster set up. I have full signal in all locations! Hard to believe but true, I am really impressed and can recommend it to anyone who is suffering from signal issues within their home. As stated above it performs fantastically.

Alex - April 2012

Just to let you know I installed the booster yesterday and it's working really well - thanks for your help!

Phil - March 2012

Received the Dual band unit a few days ago and installation was a snap, Most important of all is the increase in signal strength seen after the installation was complete. What was once 2 bars at the most anywhere in the house, is now five bars anywhere I go in the house. Still a little early to celebrate, but from what I am seeing so far GREAT PRODUCT!

March 2012

We received the repeater and I have installed it in the house. I must say that we are over the moon with it. It works wonderfully! I had a 30 min conversation with my son in England with full video stream in both directions uninterrupted. Fantastic! Thanks so much for all your help and support you have truly made a difference to our lives.

David and Nadine - December 2011

Thanks for the replacement. Problem solved - excellent customer service. I would recommend you to others.

Howard - December 2011

Hi Kory!
SIGNAL! We have successfully got our first text/call at our own house! Thank you so so much for your guidance :)
Best wishes

Charlotte - May, 2011

I purchased a similar item from a company called '' for nearly half the price. What a load of rubbish. It didn't even have the correct instructions. I'm sure you won't be suprised when I tell you it didn't work. I hope this is a case of "you only get what you pay for". Maybe I should have come here first!!

Justin - April, 2011

Just to say how fantastic the result was when I installed the mobile repeater. 5 bars of 3G where before we mostly just had GPRS which kept dropping out. Living in the bottom of a valley in the Portuguese countryside we thought we were doomed to being forever cut of from the world. Tri band was the right choice too as all our mobile phones are getting full signals. Thanks for your service and products.

Ralph - March, 2011


Hi, I just wanted to say the "MR Mini GSM 900" arrived this morning, I quickly rigged it up to see if it worked and have to say it is like MAGIC !! Normally I get a max signal of about 3 bars upstairs, downstairs usually one intermittent bar if I am lucky, meaning running upstairs if my phone rings or to check if I have a message, but as soon as I flicked the power switch........5 bars! throughout the whole house, and that's without installing it properly. I am very very happy, all I need to do now is get it fixed up permanently! I shall recommend you to everyone I know who complains of a low phone signal. Thank you again

Stephanie - February, 2011


Just wanted to let you know I ordered the MR Yagi and installed in over the weekend. Result is a strong signal throughout the cottage. Thank you for your excellent support with this.

Andy - January, 2011

Thank you, I think we have solved our comms problem now and I must say how helpful your organisation has been in getting us to this stage in a somewhat unusual layout of our property. I would gladly act as a testament to the professionalism of your company.

Simon - January, 2011

Just to give you feedback, the unit is stunning. It went live this morning and we all went onto full signal strength. We are in a new steel frame and steel clad industrial building and the signal was virtually nil internally before your unit went live today. All your claims are proven and I happy to give you a good testimonial.

David - January, 2011

Just wanted to provide you with feedback to say how pleased we are with your Mini GSM Repeater Kit. We work from a basement office which until last week was unable to receive even a constant one bar signal. Your kit was fitted at the weekend and now we can get a constant 5 bar signal throughout the office and even the floor above has benefitted! It's a great solution and a relief to make a purchase where the product delivers exactly what it promised.

Mike - December, 2010

Just to say thanks for your service. For the first time I have a good signal in my basement flat!

Stephen - October, 2010


Hello, I received my Mini GSM Repeater kit this afternoon, excellent service considering I had only ordered it yesterday afternoon. I cant ever remember receiving a delivery so promptly. I installed the unit very easily and am delighted to say that I now have 4 bars to full 5 bar signal, in contrast to having to sit my phone half way up the stairs to get 1 bar, where it would ring if someone called, but you could not speak to them, because as soon as you moved the phone very slightly, they would be cut off. Thanks very much for the prompt service and I will recommend you to others at every opportunity.

Valdemar - September, 2010


Guys big thanks for a great product. I don't have the best signal in the world when I'm outside the house, nothing when inside, but with the aerial on the roof and internal unit in my room it's perfect! Almost a full signal! It's solved a major problem. Best ?200 I've spent in years!

Ryan - August, 2010


Installed at the weekend without problems. I can phone from anywhere in the house now. Excellent product.

Richard - July, 2010


Hi Christopher, You phoned me the other day when I sent this enquiry and sorted my problem out over the phone. Thanks very much, the unit is working really well.

Tim - June, 2010


Hi Brandon, I just wanted to say that the units you supply really do make a massive difference. I know we were sceptical as a mobile phone reseller as many products like these are available on the market but the ones your supply really do work. As you know you have provided quite a number of these units for our customers and the feedback we are getting is always top drawer. Whether it is a small unit of one of the larger units aimed at big warehouse / office applications they all seem to do the job. So thanks for your continued support, you have certainly saved some of our customers from moving to a different mobile network. Feel free to stick this on your website etc

Robert - May, 2010


Hi Christopher - I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that we now have success! With the help of a professional aerial installer we've got the MR Yagi on our chimney stack and now we have perfect performance. Thanks for your help!

Simon - April, 2010


Just to feedback, we installed the antenna and pointed in the right direction and at that height get a decent signal (4 bars plus) for the GSM1800 repeater and I must say the signal is now good through most of the house. The product does what it says!

Paul - April, 2010


Hi Christopher, We have received the DHL shipment and already installed the 900 Mini with MR Yagi antenna and it works wonderfully. We increased the coverage to three bars everywhere. Thank you.

Olga - April, 2010


Just a quick note to say thank you for the support you gave me whilst buying two repeaters from you. I have now had the new (orange) repeater installed and it works just as good as the first (o2) one. I will be recommending your company to others. Many thanks

Andrew - March, 2010


Thank you for the mobile repeater. It arrived safely today and I have already installed it. Wow what a great bit of kit. It was simple to install and is really plug and play! I went from having 2 bars on my iPhone in the best part of the house to having 5 bars in every room. I would highly recommend this kit and your company. Thank you for your help in selection of the right solution and help with tracking the delivery. I now wonder why I waited so long to get this kit!

Mike - March, 2010


We bought the MR Mini Personal Repeater for our holiday park in Cornwall and have greatly improved the reception of both customer and staff mobile phones. A great product; thank you

Josh - Feb 19, 2010


The machine arrived safely. We have installed it - and amazing! it seems to work despite every expert other than yourselves telling me it wouldn't. We might be interested in some more for other flats with problems at some time. So far so good. Thank you.

Paul - February, 2010


I bought a GSM 900 repeater on ebay which arrived within two days, the instructions are clear and concise, and easy to follow. I rang Vodafone and they said my nearest mast was due west at 1500 meters. I now have 3 bars on my Blackberry (BT) and 5 bars on my Personal Vodafone where before I could only get a signal by going outside, and even then the Blackberry would disconnect regularly. I would thoroughly recommend the unit to other users and would like to thank Mobilerepeater for your support, Great to talk to my boss without being cutoff!

Mike - February, 2010


Yesterday I moved the antenna (flat panel type) from its temporary home in the loft to outside on the gable end of the house. The height and direction of the antenna is the same as in the loft ? but now without the brick wall in between it and the O2 mast. The signal strength in the house is now much stronger ? 5 bars (iphone) virtually throughout the house! So, I?m more than happy. Excellent product! Thanks your your help.

Steve - February, 2010


Just a quick email to say thank you to Cori for his help with my problem, the yagi aerial sorted it out and we now have perfect reception in our offices. Quite prepared to also offer this to friends and colleagues on your behalf. Once again many thanks for your help.

Mike - February, 2010


We recently moved into a house where we were struggling to get a single bar of reception, it was impossible to make a call and struggled to send texts, so we were keen to find some kind of solution. Having tried cheaper products in the past we were apprehensive about this but were willing to give it a shot and bought the "MR GSM 900 PRO". We now have full reception all round the house and it couldn't be working better. If your looking for a solution to improve mobile phone reception, don't waste your time with cheap products that you stick on the back of your phone and don't work, a mobile repeater is definitely the way to go. Thanks very much to Mobile Repeater for their excellent customer support.

David - January, 2010


Hello from the Falkland Islands! Received my repeater yesterday and installed immediately. Many thanks for your excellent service, same day despatch and almost a record delivery time to the South Atlantic. I shall be recommending your gear to others here in the Falklands; we have a fleetingly mobile service with huge areas experiencing difficult signal problems.

Raymond - December, 2009


Received repeater yesterday. Fitted it today, quite easy really. Anyway works great, gone from 1 bar in the house to 4 bars. Really pleased! Please feel free to use me as a testimonial. Thanks for all your help.

Stewart - November, 2009


We re-fixed the antenna on a different outside wall and using an adjustable bracket were able to angle it to get the best response. All cables were routed in straight lines to avoid coils. The repeater is constantly working at 4-5 bar and MD is very happy! Many thanks.

Paul - November, 2009


I am in the outback of Lithuania, and we often were without signal - which is not good as our only option for the internet is mobile service. I got the tri-band unit and the directional antenna upgrade. I mounted the antenna about 60cm above the roof. The closest tower is 4.3 km away, so I took my GPS and recorded the tower location, then got up on the roof and pointed the antenna. We now have 5 bars almost continuously, and the internet speed is up many many times faster. So it really is making life easier. The folks at Mobile Repeater were always accessible, always returned calls quickly, and helped me every step of the way. Special thanks to Josh for his front-end help and to Kory for helping it all go together. It works, guys, and I appreciate it.

Daniel - November, 2009


I have now been to back to Italy to install your Mobile Repeater. I am happy to tell you that it worked very well indeed. It had very little to go on ? usually a single bar of signal outside the house, but often no signal - but it turned the single bar of signal outside into four bars inside, making mobile phones very usable.
Thanks and regards,

John - November, 2009


Just want to say a Big "Thank you" from Australia, I just purchased the Dual Band Pro repeater and I have gone from frustrated one bar to Full Signal..!!! Unreal, should have done this years ago.... Thank you again... Cheer!.

Alex - November, 2009


We attached the aerial t to the highest point on the rear of the building to try it out - it took about 10 minutes for the phone to register but now a full signal - best it has ever been and my PAYG spare on T-Mobile is also a maximum signal. Excellent. Highly recommended.

Andy Ebben - August, 2009


Installation was simple, nothing sophisticated, only plug everything as it was said and that's it. Test passed, mobile range at home in Krakow is up from 2 to 5!

Kasia - August, 2009


Dear Mobile Repeater, just took delivery today of my new MR Mini GSM 900 repeater, after taking only ten minutes to install we have gone from no reception in our house to full Vodafone signal WOW, We are thrilled! We are also now able to receive for the first time ever, Vodafone broadband through your repeater. This product is well worth every penny and we are both highly delighted with your product and delivery service. We will definitely recommend it to others thank you.

R. Ferguson - July 2009


What an amassing product, I had 1bar to no reception and in less than 1 hour 4 to 5 bar all around my home. This product does exactly what is says on the tin.

Derek Baker - July, 2009


Just to say thanks for your help on line Josh. Have fitted the antenna in the loft as this gives a the best signal. Had to go through a double cavity wall twice to run the cable to the center of the house. the repeater box is now situated in the under stairs cupboard out of sight. This spot was the only place in the house that gives full signal throughout the whole house. Its a real novelty using my phone without having to go out in the rain!!!! Thanks again would definitely recommend. PS I have contacted Orange in the past they could offer no solution maybe you need to talk to them. By the way I am on Orange my wife is on T mobile both work in the house now they didnt before. Wow!!!!

Phil - July, 2009


I have been working in Afghanistan for some time now and in this hostile environment communications are vitally important. The GSM network coverage while sufficient cannot penetrate the reinforced concrete and steel walls of the safe rooms and bunkers. We urgently needed to provide coverage within these locations. I had been trying to source some boosters locally but to no avail. I chanced on your company while searching the net and really struck gold. On your advice I now have my external antenna supplying the repeater and then to a three way splitter bringing strength five indoor coverage to all safe locations. It works a dream and has really impressed all my colleagues especially when things flare up and we move to the bunkers. Top marks to your company .

Dave Greene - June 2009


I have indeed received the signal booster that does the job. My compliments to you indeed. Thanks again for the assistance. If ever appropriate, I shall certainly recommend your firm to others.
My best regards,

Theo - April 2009


Excellent product, simple to install and it does the trick. Having had to stand on one leg by a window or go outside and get wet in the rain, we can now use the phones in the key parts of the house with 4-5 bars of signal. Our house uses foil backed plasterboard and that does inhibit the internal signal a bit, but we are really pleased with our mini repeater. I will recommend your products to anyone who needs a signal booster.

Adrian Walton - April 2009


Wow.....I can now get a call in ALL part s of the house - I can't tell you how happy this makes me - really you have made my dream house functional so I can stay there for the rest of my life and die happy! You couldn't ask for more than that! I am now going to spread the word through our little village to my neighbors who will need to boost up. Its awesome!

Chris Edwards - April 2009


Just letting you know that I did receive the new MR Powerboost, and it looks like it was worth the hassle and wait. I?m now getting a FULL STRENGTH signal indoors where I was lucky to have 1 or 2 bars before. Thanks for dealing with this demanding and occasionally grumpy customer.
Best wishes,

James Truett - February, 2009


Order delivered as promised and very fast, It took no more than 20 minutes to install (Ariel in loft), switched unit on and worked 1st class immediately, Had trouble here with O2 & Vodafone signal (1 bar each if lucky) Now I have full signal on all networks. I am very pleased with the unit, and excellent service from you. You can pass this email onto other potential customers if you want to.
Best Regards.

Mark - January, 2009


Just to let you know I found 3 masts in our locality form the website you provided. Having faced the aerial to the map reference I did get a good signal on the roof at a gable end. I now have pretty much 5 bars everywhere even at my external electricity meter cabinet where previously there was no signal at all. I can now have a smart gas and electricity meter fitted which relies on GSM. Best regards and thanks

Derek Lickorish - January, 2009


Gentlemen. I am ecstatic; I have tested my Mobile Repeater straight from the box with the aerial panel placed on a garden table rather than high on the wall of my home. My iPhone has gone from a zero to 1 or 2 bars to a steady 5 bar signal. The unit certainly does just what you told me it would. Thank you so much,

Gerald Epstein - January, 2009


It was a pleasure talking to you to day, it is always a reassurance to talk to a live person in today's business world. I was impressed with the Mobile Repeater unit when up and running. I will soon have the new 3g Apple i-Phone and then I will buy the Mobile Repeater model for that phone.

Con Crowley - December, 2008


I probably could do a testimonial but I would prefer to sell and install them for you here instead!

Noel Marsh - October, 2008


The dual band repeater that you supplied me with works very well. It is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for all your help.

Peter Stothart - August, 2008


This is a big house. The ground floor is over 2000 square feet and the mobile signal on the phones is excellent. The repeater shows medium to low signal reception. We even get signal in the garden through the large windows. You guys have got it right!

Jason Smith - July, 2008


I received the repeater kit, installed it and it does what it says on the box! I am now in contact with the outside world! Once again well done, Prompt supply and attention.

Brian Currie - July, 2008


The Mobile Repeater alone with the instruction manual was very easy to understand.

Geoff Martin - June, 2008


We plugged it in and almost straight away we had full bars on our phones.

Thomas Dodd - June, 2008



With the booster mounted in the attic we get full signal on all phones from all carriers in the whole building.

James Langslow - June, 2008



Our building is over 1000 sq m with tall ceilings and thanks to the Mobile Repeater the reception is excellent.

Terry Campbell - April, 2008



Thanks for your help! Not only are we getting coverage inside but we even get a signal outside in the garden area.

Justine Stephenson - March, 2008



After checking the whole building checking the signal on my phone regardless of where I try, I do not lose the signal.

Simon Gardiner - March, 2008


We are hot! Full signal everywhere, well done guys.

Shawn Sutton - February, 2008


Following the manual the install was quite simple. Within a matter of around an hour we are now getting coverage in the offices

Steve Napier - January, 2008



We needed your 3G Mobile Repeater for our broadband data connection and we've been very happy with the performance.

Aidan Williams - December, 2007