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Mobile Repeater

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Quick Overview
  • All UK Networks
  • Up to 500 m2
  • 900 | 2100 MHz
  • Voice | 3G

3G | Voice Office Mobile Phone Booster

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This repeater boosts both voice and data and does so for 3G and for the standard voice networks. It is mainly used in business where the customer prefers a smart phone and whats to have access to emails as well as voice constantly with or without wifi. The additional 3G is also the preferred network for smartphones such as i-phones and android so they will always choose the 3G network to connect too.
The benefit of have standard voice also boosted is that 3G is often weaker as it loses signal faster after leaving the basestation so you have a back up and it guarantees better results 24/7/365 even on days when 3G outdoors is weak.
900MHz is used for voice calls only and is the oldest and most reliable network. It is used by Vodafone & O2 for standard Voice and by all their resellers like Lebara & Tesco/Asda mobile. The advantage of 900MHz is that it always travels further from the base stations so it is always the strongest signal. If you buy a repeater to boost both 2G Voice and 3G it will ensure you have a back up whenever the 3G outdoor fails. This dual band Pro repeater captures and boosts a weak mobile signal coverage up to 500 square meters.

CE Certified mobile repeater and meets UK health and safety and legalisation requirements.

  • 900/2100MHz Dual Band Mobile Repeater
  • Coverage up to 500 sq m
  • Supports up to 100 simultaneous users
  • Free Shipping
  • 15 Day money back guarantee

Installation of the mobile repeater is simple and takes about 20 minutes. Just mount the external aerial antenna and connect to the repeater and plug it in. This should result in full signal everywhere. For best performance the external aerial should be mounted in the location with the strongest signal strength. The effective coverage area of the unit depends on the input signal provided from this antenna. 

  • GSM 900/2100MHz Repeater Unit
  • High Gain External Aerial
  • 10m Aerial Coax with Connectors
  • Indoor whip aerial
  • Mains Power Supply
  • Easy to follow installation manual

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