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Mobile Repeater

Quick Overview
  • Up to 1000 m2
  • Calls : All UK Networks
  • 3G    : All UK Networks
  • 4G    : -

Premium Voice and 3G Signal Booster

  • MR Signal Booster Installation Manuals for UK
  • Mobile Repeater UK Datasheets - Booster Information
Designed for business in need of coverage across multiple rooms. The repeater has the ability to give coverage on all networks and includes downloads speeds up to 30MB.
To work there is a outdoor antenna needed to be placed outside in the area of best signal. A cable runs into the building where the repeater is housed and a quick plug in and attach the whip aerial included and coverage is guaranteed.
This repeater will work with All UK networks. It will boost signal for up to 200 users. No registration of numbers needed any person within range can use the signal and call quality is crystal clear and will work on all smart phones as well as data devices.

Large Commercial Mobile Booster Installs

Some commercial projects are best handled by our inhouse team and you can arrange a survey, report and costing for a commercial repeater which will cover all your requirements. The survey is charged at £412 plus vat but is refundable and the solution can cover larger areas like hotels and hospitals. Simply call our project team to arrange a survey and out engineer can call out within 2 business days.