All Network Voice, 3G & 4G PowerMax Mobile Booster

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Mobile Repeater UK

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Quick Overview
  • Coverage up to 1000 sq m
  • Triple-Band UMTS1800, 3G and 800MHz 4G
  • Simple Installation
  • Full Kit

Everything is Boosted - Voice 3G and 4G Data

  • MR Signal Booster Installation Manuals
  • Mobile Booster Information

Our newly launched multi band mobile repeater is designed to boost the voice calls and data and compatible with all voice and 3G networks as well as 4G data for every single UK network.

Designed for universal mobile coverage. The mobile booster enhances signal strength to your mobile phone or broadband. All that is required is an external signal.

Whatever is outside can be improved and boosted around your home. 

- All Networks Voice Coverage

- All Networks 3G - Voice and Data Coverage

- All 4G and LTE for every Networks Covered

- Money Back Guarantee

2016 has seen a convergence among the networks technology, all are using the latest technology to ensure that the best signal and fastest speeds are provided. The main reason for any low coverage is based on the insulation being used in new buildings. These block out external signal and is why your signal is poor. Distance is less of an issue since 4G as it travels further then ever before. Regardless of the reason for poor coverage the repeater covers ALL networks and ALL the reasons you need coverage - Voice 3G and 4G speeds.all network booster