Mobile Signal Boosters for UK Networks

Mobile Phone Signal Booster UK

Mobile Signal Boosters are signal repeater devices that boost mobile phone reception. They do this using 3 things. 

-An Antenna

-An Aerial

-A Mobile Signal Booster

What are Mobile Signal Boosters used for?

Mobile Signal Boosters are used to amplify phone coverage inside buildings. They are used by restaurants, hotels, hospitals, emergency services, offices and also the ordinary home.

Why choose Mobile Signal Boosters over Wifi calls?

From the onset this may no be clear but really it is quite simple. Disregarding the fact that wifi calls are commonly buggy and unreliable and that they also usually are fixed to a certain person/ require an app. Some people just want o be gone with the annoyance of all of this and want more than just smart phones to be able to make calls.

A study showed that not only did a bad phone reception cause negative effects on reviews including TripAdvisor. It mainly showed the extent of how much the common person now really cares about having hassled free phone signal. 

Overall Responses showed that the below percentage of people would consider changing or not revisiting the following places if they had bad phone signal:

  • Hotel: 54% 
  • Office Building: 48% 
  • Meeting Facility: 45%
  • Medical Center/Hospital: 36%

Similar results carry across things like home rentals, cafes and so on. Want one you? well your in the right place!

How does a Mobile Signal Booster work?

It is essentially a phone signal booster. It picks up the signal from outside using the outside antennae, a cable carries the phone signal down a wire into the repeater which the amplifies it to be stronger. Then transmits the signal through an Ariel straight to your Samsung, iPhone or and other mobile phone for that matter. Mobile Phone Signal Booster UK installation

    Our repeaters can control their strength to remain within the Ofcomm rules. We have repeaters that have CE Certificates.

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