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Mobile Repeater

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Quick Overview
  • All UK Networks
  • Up to 500 m2
  • 900 | 1800 | 2100MHz
  • Voice | 3G | 4G

Business Mobile Repeater for all UK mobile networks

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Designed to boost the voice calls and data and compatible with all UK mobile voice, text and 3G data and 4G on EE.

The latest digital model was launched in June 2016. The Tri-Band is one of the most popular repeaters on the market. It covers 

  • Voice Calls - All UK Networks
  • 3G Voice and Data - All UK Networks
  • 4G - EE Network
  • Up to 500 m2
  • Up to 50 Users


 Effectively this booster provides a strong and reliable signal  and eliminates poor reception. It is designed to ensure you never miss a business call again, can have download speeds on all networks of up to 10MB and has 4G up to 50MB on EE.

Installation of the repeater is simple, a outdoor antennas connects to the repeater which when plugged in will boost the call quality around the office. It will come with everything you need and we give100% free technical support for anyone needing help and is available for fast delivery from our depot in the UK. It will contain

  • 1 X All network 900|1800|3G Booster
  • Install guide
  • Power Supply & 10m cable
  • Indoor and outdoor antenna

Its guaranteed to work, whatever signal is outside can be improved and boosted around your home. Free Delivery and money back guarantee ensures you can try and ensure it works and all corporate and government organisations can pay after 30 days with a purchase order.